What happens you stop drinking alcohol?

So you’ve decided to give up drinking (finally). Congratulations! That’s a decision worth celebrating with a drink. Wait, forget that last part.

But seriously, quitting alcohol can be one of the best things you do for your health and overall well-being. Not only can it lead to better physical health, but also mental clarity and improved relationships.

In this article, we’ll explore some of what happens when you stop drinking alcohol, from the immediate effects to long-term benefits.

The First Week

The first week after quitting alcohol can be tough for many reasons. Here are some of the most common withdrawal symptoms:

Shakes and tremors

Your body is used to having alcohol in your system on a regular basis (probably more than it should). Without it, your nervous system may go into overdrive causing shakes or tremors.


You probably didn’t realize how often you sweat until now. Many people who quit drinking report excessive sweating due to their body trying to flush out toxins from their system as quickly as possible.


Alcohol consumption can exacerbate migraines and tension headaches – two conditions which are notoriously difficult to manage without prescription medication. Expect an initial uptick in both types of pain following cessation explaining “I have never had so much water”

Mood changes

Maybe you were just using beer goggles before but sober reality might look awful; Social anxiety increases amongst newly sober individuals sometimes / depression takes center stage during acute detoxification

There’s no denying these symptoms aren’t fun but try not get discouraged; make sure stay hydrated especially by replacing lost electrolytes (salt) with energy drinks like Gatorade/Powerade.

Long-Term Changes

Here are some substantial ways that quitting alcohol will affect your life once those uncomfortable early days have passed:

Better Sleep Quality

It’s easier to fall asleep and stay asleep without drinking, because alcohol interferes with the quality of our sleep. Without a couple glasses of wine or two bottles , you may find yourself sleeping more soundly, waking up refreshed.

Healthier Body

This one’s probably (not at all) surprising but stopping drinking will improve your physical health in countless ways. From lowered blood pressure to weight loss and reduced risk of liver disease/cancers etc. – it’s hard not to see immediate benefits from cutting out the sauce.

More Money

Hear me out: $20 for bottle of Top Shelf bourbon adds up way quicker than we realize 🔺consumed daily over a week / month / year 📈/ 💰 It’s wild how much extra cash can accumulate when liquor store spending ⚠️is cut⚠️

Clearer Mind

One major upside is having clearer thoughts throughout the day rather than feeling sluggish/shaky upon awakening; chasing morning coffee with shots/toasts, remembering conversations/meeting details w/o drunk texting

Improved Relationships

Alcohol dependence☇ has negative effects on relationships due to withdrawal symptoms often resulting 👬in avoidance behavior/ drifting apart from friends/family members who might want us sober/guilt trips that foster resentment:

Quitting alcohol could strengthen existing strained relationships as well as forge new ones allowing recognition those holding each other accountable with support/partnerships even after periods addiction/alcoholism

In Conclusion

Stopping any addictive habit takes courage:
-quitting smoking,
-radically changing diet/eating habits ,
-drug use cessation & replacement therapy,
-alternative choices beyond drugs/depression medication.
-and quitting booze💩
However while initially problematic back-sliding relapses can be addressed through occasional professional detoxification combined 🔥with ongoing therapies/support networks like offerd by AA👏. The rewards are powerfully positive on many levels including better health, relationships, finances and sharper mental focus.

Good luck to anyone considering the brave decision of removing alcohol from their life, and remember you are never alone in making this choice.

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