What happens with a planned c section?

Are you a grown-up lady who finds herself asking “What happens with a planned c-section?” with all the worry in the world? Fear not, wildflower. We’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll walk you through all the nitty-gritty details of what to expect when opting for an elective c-section (that’s fancy talk for ‘planned’).

First things first: why opt for a planned c-section?

There are several reasons why mama birds around the globe might choose to have their little ones surgically removed from their womb instead of having them travel down via the ol’ birth canal:

  • A history of difficult or traumatic vaginal births
  • Fetal distress
  • Abnormal fetal positioning
  • Placenta previa (when the placenta blocks lower birth canal)
  • Medical concerns that make inducing labor unsafe

So if any of these conditions apply to you or your tiny human, an elective cesarean section may be suggested as an option by healthcare professionals.

But wait; let’s slow our roll here — do proceed knowing that there will be changes and not-so-welcome surprises…

Ahead-of Surgery Preparations

When it comes time to ready yourself (and your lady parts) for baby extraction day M.J., stay focused on preparing accordingly:

Prenatal Check-ins

Your healthcare provider is going to want to keep close tabs on both you and baby since planning out surgical procedures requires extra attention!

Pitocin-Medication Assistance during delivery

The night before surgery, usually around midnight like some present-day Cinderella story, they’ll administer pitocin which helps promote contractions; ensure all scheduled medications are okayed beforehand.

Shave Yo’self

No one likes admitting it but yes – get ready to shave wherever they tell ya’. Please note that we are not responsible for any mishaps.

Delivery Day

Here it is, mama. The day we’ve all been waiting (yet dreading) for: Labor Day! It’s go-time, which means it’s time to:

Arrive Early

C-section surgeries require that you show up nice and early like your “perky morning self” at the hospital – usually around 2 hours before your scheduled procedure.

Consent Time

Before anything begins…CONSENT (make sure nobody leaves this out or the entire plan falls apart)! During pre-surgery prep, be sure to ask questions about types of anesthesia being used; will baby be with mom right after birth?

Test Treatment in OR

In the operating room (O.R.), they’ll test and execute a side-to-side sway of monitoring equipment while they probably chat amongst themselves about what kind of sandwich they’re planning on making later..? Remember to poke ‘em playfully as a way to congratulate them on their social lives.

DURING Surgery

Ready-da-ready for some incision action!? Here’s how things will shake out:

Anesthesia Injection/ Epidural Block Placement

A surgeon anesthesiologist injects medicines through an IV into momma’s veins followed by throwing in some sweet sweet epidural medication if needed.

Excitement begins setting-in now….

Surgical Procedure Commences

Next up is everyone’s favorite part: slicing open your lower abdomen between hip bones! In case you aren’t feeling ultra-chilled already – this is where they literally reach inside and pull the little human child thingy out. Woohoo!

Straighten those faces ladies — we’ve got more high points coming…

POST-Delivery Post-Op Recovery

With birthing done & dusted let’s hope recovery goes smoothly from here-on-out even though we both know better than that Jazzy Jeff. Here are a few things you should prep for:

It Takes Time

Expect to stay at the hospital 2-4 days minimum; don’t worry – we hear their ice chip game is on fire.

Pain Control Policy in Motion

Of course, there will be pain post-surgery but persisting pain management still helps improve overall experience. Awaken those stoic journalist instincts and ask what options opt to minimize physical discomfort!

Lactation Assistance

Whether it’s through lactation consultants, peer support groups or direct nurse education from labor wards staff – all can help pave way for attaining breastfeeding goals.

What Now?

You’ve made it! From the initial planning down to your now recuperating body screaming “I did that” loudly like only RuPaul does – give yourself some well-deserved credit.

Learn as much as possible about wound care at home and reach out in case of any complications after leaving hospital. With time, all scraped knees and owies will eventually settle into healing scars!

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