What happens when you stop smoking and drinking?

Have you recently considered quitting smoking and drinking? Maybe your friends or family have been urging you to ditch the bad habit. Or perhaps, you realized that tobacco and alcohol are taking a toll on your health. Either way, kudos to you for taking that vital step towards better wellbeing!

Quitting nicotine addiction and heavy social drinking can undoubtedly be challenging but let’s examine what happens when you stop.

First 24 hours: The toughest time

The first 24 hours without cigarettes or alcohol might feel like an eternity (but hey, who’s counting?). You may crave nicotine even seconds after putting down the last cigarette or gulp of beer. It is not uncommon for cravings at this stage of quitting to intensify with every passing minute (you know what they say, ‘inching closer one baby-step at a time?) . Some users report irritability, restlessness, headaches as well as nausea.


  • To avoid severe withdrawal symptoms during this period, take off from work if possible.
  • Find support from those around if necessary
  • Drink plenty of fluids such as water.

At some point during these rough 24 hours without indulging in Tobacco/cigarettes/alcohol (TCA) could push anyone into temptation; however,it would help if you kept yourself motivated by thinking about why quitting was necessary in the first place (‘out with the old; in with the new’ mentality right?)

The next week – withdrawal symptoms subside

It is normal to experience drug-withdrawal-like signs within seven days of becoming TCA-free. Cravings will linger but should gradually become less intense both physically and psychologically as \textbf{the body starts ridding itself of unwanted toxins}, leading to healthier-looking skin(Why hello there hotter me!). More importantly though,Taking breaks ensures mental clarity paired with physical improvement (Hello productivity!)


  • During this stage of nicotine withdrawal, try eating healthy snacks or purchasing a gum.

Within 30 Days-Cleansing process continues

After the initial seven days and up to thirty days later one’s immune systems will have improved (Bye Bye Hospital appointments). Moreover, any chronic fatigue formerly experienced while still indulging in TCA will be reduced hugely (finally some well earned good night sleep). New appetite and better breathing are also notable changes that can make a world of difference for non-smokers/drinkers.


  • Try meditating as it is crucial not just physically but mentally.

After three Months – Breathing gets easier

Three months in without TCA transforms things on the respiratory front; lung capacity improves with less shortness of breath. Besides healthier lungs and reduced infections occurrence due to boosted immunity \textbf{(bye-bye flu season!)} .With the environmental elements like air pollution, passive smoking decreasing chances are life expectancy would increase simply by giving yourself a chance at living tobacco/alcohol-free lives


-Incorporate exercise into your daily routine where possible.

End of First Year-Mood Booster

A year following being clean leads to visible mood-related results because quitting often alleviates problems such as anxiety disorders/depression. The endorphin production during exercise further fuels happy feelings making it essential especially when filled with negativity (Look ma’, I’m bouncing like Tigger from Winnie-the-Pooh..hoorayy) alongside lesser likelihoods of experiencing PTSD symptoms plus panic attacks triggered earlier prior to abstaining tca’s (‘adiós… addictions’)


-Regular physician check-ups would help keep close tabs on progress.


Several lifestyle benefits come hand-in-hand after people drop unhealthy habits tied closely linked with reasons why you should banish tobacco/drinking use altogether. Amongst other things, adhering to a healthier eating habit or including more cardio exercises would aid \textbf{(see ya later; love handles!)}burn fat faster, leading us to the realization of a sustainable life change that’s worth keeping (‘Whoop whoop …After All is said and done’)


  • Keep busy with new hobbies & tasks such as gardening.

In conclusion,

It is apparent mere mention of quitting TCA could elicit reactions from downright terror to borderline comical predictions. Still you should take this step towards one-day transformationed being because\textbf{ the benefits are well beyond outweighs the convenience attached}(because honestly all good things come in their time ).