What happens to you when you get struck by lightning?

Lightning is a natural phenomenon that can be both scary and awe-inspiring. But what happens when it strikes someone? Do they turn into a superhero like the Flash or suffer irreversible damage? In this article, we’ll cover everything from how lightning works to what could happen if it decides to strike you down.

A shocking introduction

First things first -let’s talk about what exactly lightning is. Lightning occurs when there is a buildup of electrical energy in the atmosphere. This discharge of electricity travels through clouds, air or even objects before hitting the ground resulting in electric shocks ‘zapping‘ whatever comes its way.

The process: How does lightning work?

The thunderstorm creates positive charge dense areas on one side while negative charges densely populate another area causing an imbalance between them thus needing to interact with each other (electric current). This interaction creates sparks which generate static electricity which discharges as lighting back towards earth generating incredible heat and sound known as thunder.

You’ve been zapped!

Ok so let’s jump right into the juicy details-what actually happens whether it’s you/me/John getting hit by such powerful currents?

Attacked by Zeus himself

Firstly I must inform those of Greek mythology fans/the Greeks themselves; getting struck by lightning was historically believed to be associated with angering gods/group of gods portrayed often led under Zeus . Now gaining some insight isn’t hurtful after all who doesn’t find learning something new exciting?

Electrifying experience

A few moments after being struck, electricity will course through your entire body traveling at speeds up 270 miles per second.’. Your muscles involuntarily react due to sudden overload making your limbs contract forcefully ‘`like jumping out of your skin ‘. Sadly for horror movie freaks this wouldn’t lead any resurrected acts though they may shock others around still sitting on their couches.)

The unpleasant thunder

The next thing you’ll likely hear is the loud “boom!” of thunder. But unlike when you’re just listening to a storm from afar, this time it’s going to be ear-splitting because..well? You’re a conductor of electricity and all that power running through your nervous system can chaotically cause damage leading to impaired hearing ‘muffled ears at best and deafness- as bad as it sounds after being struck by lightning you may never hear purple rain or Beyoncé hits again ‘.

Zap goes your brain

It’s not just your hearing that will be affected as electrical impulses in your own head could become disrupted by contact with such surplus of electrons resulting in temporary amnesia which hopefully won’t persist longer than few days.`(this doesn’t imply erasing mere unwanted memories). Some people also report having hallucinations; though these are rare (and often short-lived), they’re something to keep in mind if flocks begin hovering around unicorns!

Odds at luck: The Chances

Ok calm down hypochondriacs, while getting hit by an electric shock may lead to injuries/issues like cardiac arrest, burnt skin yet striking someone dead isn’t necessarily common(it’s more common for animals where individuals sometimes need resuscitation ). Actually odds have been measured detailing chances per million users who receive strikes.So fellow statistician forecasters/ safety enthusiasts,don’t give up on those holiday plans near ballfields or beach heeding warning signs ;there’re things worse than being without sunlight now I mean come on – lobster skinned?

Lightning Safety tips

Had enough scares/too curious what other options available besides hiding indoors/faraway under trees/hoping for army regulated lightning rods ? Here are some useful starter items:
Inside cars/shelters-protection offered via Faraday cage-effect.
Enough distance between yourself/the circuit thus avoiding forming an easy target
Practicing basic steps to stay safe like not holding onto anything metal, wet clothing or with electrical appliances around
Just FYI in 2021there’re lightning detection apps standing alongside weather checks.

The Surprising upsides?

The benefits aren’t only horror-movie worthy ones/think about Nikola Tesla-it’s well known established fact that electricity can be harnessed for good; but think of the upside maybe just a little:
Release of endorphins due to sudden shock(weird?but studies show it’s true!)
Lightning survivors may develop symptoms similar to those exhibited by superheroes e.g increased confidence/sense perception/heightened awareness(you never know when you might need crime fighting skills).
Skin tan/lightening is possible though it won’t work in a salon as reasons would suggest.


So there we have it folks -what happens once struck by ligning. From experiencing body jerks and hallucinations,to gaining superhero powers,it’d seem getting hit wouldn’t result in devastation.Learning goes on thus next time thunder rumbles overhead/strikes nearby/no worries-just using these pointers ensures safety and enlightens understanding,a win win situation really.

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