What happens to water in the body?

Water is one of the most essential elements for human survival. You can go weeks without food, but only a few days without water before you start feeling like you’ve been in the Sahara desert for too long. But what happens to water once it enters your body? Let’s dive into this aquatic adventure and see where all that H20 goes!

Water: The Lifeblood

Water is life, plain and simple. It makes up approximately 60% of your total body weight which means there’s a lot going on under that flesh casing! Every single cell in your body relies on water to function correctly, from healthy skin cells keeping you handsome (or beautiful) to muscle fibers executing those sick dance moves.

A Drop In The Ocean: Where Does All That Water Go?

Ever wondered how much of that aqua goodness gets absorbed by different parts of the body? Here’s a basic breakdown based off actual scientists’ estimates:

  • Blood: 83%
  • Lungs: 86%
  • Brain & Heart combined: 73%
  • Muscles: 76%

That leaves us with the remaining percentage distributed among other organs such as kidneys and intestines.

But don’t forget about those good ol’ lymphatic vessels cruising around looking out for any unwanted invaders! They filled with an even higher concentration (~94%) since they help remove waste material from our blood vessels just like taking out yesterday’s trash.

Happy Insides are Well-Hydrated Insides

Now let’s get down to business (cue Ninja Movie soundtrack) Why does hydrating matter anyway? How does it benefit us aside from not dying due to dehydration?

Drink More, Stress Less

You know when someone says,” Drink more water,” implying some weird false sense of calmness will fall upon them if they do indeed drink said agua folly?
Turns out there may be some truth behind it if we’re talking stress relief. Researchers found that dehydration can lead to increased cortisol levels (aka. the “fight or flight” hormone)3 ; not good for when you’re trying to avoid an awkward conversation at work!

A Heartfelt Quencher

Did you know drinking enough water could help keep your ticker in shape? That’s right! When blood volume decreases as a result of insufficient hydration, your heart has to work harder maintaining adequate supply throughout the body which over time causes cardiac strain.,(1) So drink up and protect that muscular organ pumping passionately every decade life graces on us!

Urinary System: The Ultimate Drainer

We all remember learning about the urinary system back in our high school biology class (cough then forgot cough) – guess what though, it’s actually important! Remember those kidneys I briefly mentioned earlier? Well, along with producing urine they also regulate electrolytes like sodium phosphate preventing them from accumulating and affecting other bodily functions.

In essence, once waste is processed out of our bloodstream & lymphatic-fluid by- products dry cells still floating around tract its way through liver & become urea; eventually exiting via urine saved up in bladder muscle getting released once capacity maxed out.

But seriously What Can We Learn From All This Science-y Stuff?

Overall proper hydration is essential for optimal mental clarity, digestion/bowel movements (listen to mamas everywhere), cardiovascular health among endless amounts of others- especially since:

(Hot Tip Coming Below)

Pro Tip Alert: Drinking cool H20 before bed may increase metabolic rate leading improved slumber practice- sorry hot cocoa lovers

In summary folks – make sure you are drinking plenty of that life-sustaining goodness daily keeping hearts pumping happily amongst many other benefits. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or prestige titles earned everyone pees, so hydrate accordingly!

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