What happens if you smoke salt?

Salt is one of those things that most people have in their homes. It is used for cooking, seasoning, and preserving food. However, some people have started smoking salt to get a high or other “benefits.” This article aims to explore what happens if you smoke salt.

What Is Smoking Salt?

Smoking salt involves heating up regular table salt (sodium chloride) until it becomes vapor and inhaling the fumes produced. People who smoke salt believe it gives them a “buzz” similar to other drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine.

How Do You Smoke Salt?

There are different ways in which people smoke salt. Below are some of the methods:

The Straw Method

This method involves putting a small amount of table salt on a flat surface such as paper before using an empty straw to inhale the fumes released when heated with fire from below.

The Tin Foil Method

This method requires wrapping some table salt in tin foil and heating it with a lighter before breathing in through the foil’s mouth hole.

Smoking anything harms your health; smoking salt is no exception. Here are potential side effects you could experience:

Irritation To Your Nose And Throat

Inhaling hot particles can cause irritation around your nose lining passages leading up your throat from where they diffuse into your lungs causing difficulty in breathing

Mental Health Issues

Heavy consumption over time has been linked psychologically negatively affecting individuals emotionally & increasing chances of depression


The practice causes severe dehydration since excessive inhalation reverses muco-ciliary transport which leads the mucus layer reduced hence denying humans air purification benefits vital for healthy living

Lung Damage

Inhalation for long periods could escalate bronchitis’s severity due to repeated stress induced by foreign substances trapped within one’s respiratory system.


The constant need for salt to experience the ‘high’ created eventually turns into a cycle of addiction, where one finds it challenging to stop smoking salt.

Salt Burns

Inhaling burnt particles causes severe burns in your mouth and esophagus which take long periods before healing completely

No conclusive study has shown possible medical use; thus the practice can’t be recommended by any physician seeking to improve their patients’ health quality.

Smoking table salt would only introduce further detrimental effects that other therapies already provide with fewer side effects, hence dismissing its possibility as an alternative method.

In conclusion, smoking salt could have catastrophic consequences on individuals’ physical & mental well-being ##(Just don’t do it) It’s not worth experiencing lung damage, burning throat sensations/irritations ultimately leading down a path wrought with addiction issues later. As much as sodium contains benefits essential for our health needs regulating dosage is important – Just eat healthier!

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