What happens if you eat wax for braces?

As kids, we were always warned not to eat random things like crayons or playdough. But what about orthodontic wax? It’s specifically designed to go in your mouth and helps alleviate the pain caused by braces.

So, what happens if you happen to accidentally ingest some of that waxy goodness? Let’s find out.

The Anatomy of Orthodontic Wax

Firstly, let’s discuss what orthodontic wax is made of. The ingredients typically include:

  • Paraffin
  • Beeswax
  • Carnauba wax
  • Gum rosin

These compounds are all derived from natural sources and are considered safe for oral consumption. That said, just because they’re safe doesn’t mean you should start chowing down on handfuls of it.

Orthodontic wax is meant to be applied sparingly and only as needed – which brings us to our next point.

Why Would Someone Eat Orthodontic Wax?

The primary purpose of orthodontic wax is to relieve the discomfort caused by braces rubbing against your lips, cheeks or tongue. When a bracket or wire irritates these soft tissues in your mouth, applying a small amount of wax can create a barrier between them and provide instant relief from pain.

However, there may be times when wearing braces becomes an arduous task due to continuous soreness along with sensitivity since metal brackets do contact tooth roots; thereby causing minor gumming sensations creating awkward irritation – subsequently leading individuals experiencing jaw locking post having meal times not feeling so great after indulging into eating meals/foods which require intensive chewing strategies().

In their clumsy attempt at alleviating said soreness(), some people may try taking off chunks(!!)of this sugary-compound ball-shaped compositions coated with healthy edible lubricants (??). In other instances (), children tend(ed) ingesting such adhesives out of curiosity().

So, What Exactly Happens if You Eat Orthodontic Wax?

If you accidentally ingested a small amount of orthodontic wax while trying to apply it, rest easy. This wax is non-toxic and not meant for consumption, but your body will safely pass it through your digestive system.

However, consuming excessive amounts of this waxy material can lead to some mild gastrointestinal distress – think nausea or diarrhoea. It’s probably best not to make a habit out of eating the stuff even though it looks oddly delicious(??!).

It’s important also consider another perspective pointing towards that since any random individual doesn’t hard or proper functioning teeth which further elevates importance for general oral care whilst wearing brackets on – there lies high probability chances post ingestion possibility containing bacteria transfer from the gums and other contaminated surfaces present in and around mouth should seriously be taken into account.(!!)

Could Eating Orthodontic Wax Damage Your Braces?

Orthodontic wax is designed to be gentle on braces and cause no harm whatsoever during its usage(I guess). But chewing large quantities could result in deformities.Therfore;in order to avoid uneccassary damage or risks along with spending extra cash over fixations one must keep rubbing(fingertips are preferable/not necessary)modest quantity generally as big as tipsof fingers(i.e.Finger-biscuits(^_^))of that admissible acidulent syrupy substance onto problem areas on an occasional basis().

In addition, odourless gel like substances adhered onto metal-wires act as buffers protecting soft tissues against abrasion dueToDentalHardware parts notably proves useful at times where brushing causes dislodgement towards those previously installed items leading situations resistant towards re-installation thereby calling either dental assistance whenever circumstances become complicated (very Similar To Dr.Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds wishing “God! I need my mom”)or application of said waxy compound over that particular region for an interim period().


In conclusion, eating a small amount of orthodontic wax isn’t going to cause any harm – and it might even provide some temporary relief from braces-related discomfort.

But rather than popping pieces of the stuff into your mouth whenever your teeth inevitably start hurting again, stick with using appropriate amounts as instructed by (appropriate authority) professionals. Trust us; you’ll save yourself the unnecessary stomachache.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about eating wax for braces(You shouldn’t(eat them)).

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