What happens if you drink cigarette ash?

We all know that smoking is harmful to health. But did you ever wonder, what if you drink cigarette ash? Yes, it sounds gross and ridiculous, but some people have a weird habit of doing so. This article will tell you the aftermath of drinking cigarette ash (which I personally do not recommend).

What is Cigarette Ash?

Cigarette ashes are the remnants left behind after we smoke cigarettes. The composition of ash depends on several factors such as tobacco type, paper quality, additives used in filter or tip (yes! Even filters contain chemicals too) and smoking technique.

How Harmful Cigarette Ash Can Be?

The American Association of Poison Control Centers states that swallowing large quantities can cause gastric irritation like stomach pain, nausea/vomiting/abdominal cramps/diarrhea (Some fun way to ruin your weekend). It could even lead to serious effects like alkalosis (imbalance in body fluids), vomiting blood or even death. Using home remedies for this might seem funny but can be extremely dangerous.

The Experiment No One Asked For

Since we’re adults and don’t need anybody’s permission to perform experiments (please don’t try any though…seriously!), let me tell you about an experiment conducted by the UNSW school of Public Health And Community Medicine where three students who identified themselves as smokers drank a tablespoon full of cigarette ash each mixed with water.

Firstly why?! Secondly Great Job.

They reported having gastrointestinal disturbances within 30 minutes mainly abdominal pain/discomfort & nausea which lasted for an hour accompanied by bitter taste sensations lingering into their mouths post-experiment completion (personal hygiene 101 folks… )

This small experiment highlighted the dangers associated with drinking cigarette ashes – they aren’t just “harmless” leftovers!

Sourcing Gems In The Trash

Believe it or not some smokers even sift through the butts (cigarette ends) left by others in ashtrays seeking the tiny portions that can still be smoked.. 1

They essentially gather a bunch of discarded cigarette ashes, roll them up again and smoke it. Imagine this – smoking someone else’s leftovers! Besides carrying obvious health risks such as diseases from infected lips or getting infections themselves – just imagine how thrilling it’d be to share your ‘assembler-cigarette’ at your next social gathering (Gross!).

Transformation of Ash

Cigarette ash comprises 38 percent carbon ,14 percent calcium, 10 percent cadmium & some amount of arsenic(Sounds like something we might use to make bedazzling jewelry doesn’t it?)

When you light a cigarette, different elements combine with oxygen within healthy tissues forming gases (sounds scientific I know!). The remaining matter is what we see as smoky tobacco along with its residues/ash.

The initial white/yellow ash turns greyish on cooling down making (preferably unsmokable / keep out of reach) lumps which contain dead bacteria sticking together- aren’t they completely non-appetizing enough?

What makes Cigarette ashes toxic?

Components like Cadmium/Nickel are poisonous if absorbed excessively/by inhalation.
Tar is produced when leaves burn resulting in cancer-causing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons/Heterocyclic Amines present in carcinogens/mutagens (Try explaining that one to a kid)
Certain substances also cause severe headaches/dizziness/nervous system distortions/heart palpitations/seizures.

This isn’t an electric eel experiment where you jump into water holding onto electric charges(the idea does sound pretty tempting right now though).

Must’ve been fun for Heisenberg juggling several chemical compositions trying not to die each time(watched Breaking Bad much?). Now back to reality please.

Other Alternatives

If you have been considering smoking ashes, let me assure you that it is not going to fulfill any spiritual needs or relieve stress (there are prettier ways for both of these).

In fact, inhaling anything other than pure air can lead to deteriorating health real quick. Best to consult a therapist/some expert who will guide in finding healthier alternatives like yoga/meditation/virtual trips etc.


Cigarette ashes aren’t meant for human consumption & end up losing their nutrients when burning the leaves resulting in trace amounts of harmful chemicals which can cause chronic diseases over time if used repeatedly (oh goody).

That said – if your goal was meeting with gastritis and nausea while ruining chunks of your day then voila! Mission Accomplished!
But seriously folks-Just stay away from cigarette ash!

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