What happens if you drink after pancreatitis?

So, you’ve survived a bout of pancreatitis and now you’re eyeing that cold beer or glass of wine with longing. But wait! Can you drink alcohol after pancreatitis? The short answer is no.

But hey, I know you’re not looking for a short answer, so let’s dig deeper into this topic and find out what happens when you drink after pancreatitis.

Understanding Pancreatitis

First things first: let’s understand what exactly is pancreatitis. It’s an inflammation of the pancreas -the organ located behind the stomach that helps in digestion- which can be mild or severe depending on how long the condition lasts..

There are two types: acute and chronic. Acute pancreatitis presents itself suddenly with symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting while Chronic pancratitis lasts longer than six months.

It goes without saying that both forms bring immense discomfort to individuals who have it.

Causes of Pancreatits

Pancreatitits has multiple causes but here are some common ones:

1) Excessive drinking
2) Gallstones
3) High levels of fats(triglyceride)
4) Hypercalcemia
5) Infection

There may be more reasons too! But we will get lost in them.

Drinking POST-Pancreatic Attack

Now let’s talk about what happens if someone starts drinking post their pancreatic attack.Where do we begin put that bell-bottom pants on cause were going all over?

Long-term Alcohol Abuse Increases Risk:

Drinking excessively increases your risk factor for developing chronic pancreatatis Thus making it important to substitute fizzy-drinks ir water instead.Therefore getting rid off future chances of being prone!

Beer Belly Buddies Be Aware!

Alcohol calories count as empty calories means there’s no nutritional value,but ain’t boring yet.Carbonated beverages such as beer and fizzy drinks can cause bloating or gas, thus increasing the pressure on your pancreas.

Medical Conditions:

Dogged by other medical conditions?
Liver disease or any trauma caused to pancreases leaves you exposed to develop acute pancratitis.

Alcohol = Toxin?

Alcohol is toxic in nature as it directly reaches your liver that produces toxins.Cigarette smoke also increases the risk of infection. Therefore keep calm and stay away from smoking!

What Happens When You Drink?

Now you may be wondering what actually happens when alcohol enters your system post-pancreatitis?

The thing is, for a sick body like someone with Pancreatitits – Its better not to have fun with fire! . Because when alcohol enters our system, our liver is responsible for breaking down its contents metabolizing it into acetaldehyde (a type of toxin) so-o no don’t even imagine this stuff going inside ever again after episodes of pancreatic attack.

Digestion System Already Compromised

Your digestive system has just undergone some serious trauma which makes digesting anything hard than before including food.Now if you add something poisonous like alc-lol might as well spend next few days in hospital.

Increased Risk Of Relapse

Drinking post-pancreatic attack always creates higher chances of getting a relapse Ignoring these warnings will worsen thing up and ending up regretting big time

Immediate Danger To Health

If anyone experience symptoms such sudden severe abdominal pain, vomiting then visit Doctor right away!

Therefore Don’t forget instead Quench thirst with things that are closely related to water but aren’t boring Either!.

And let’s get one thing straight: drinking doesn’t equate being happy and having fun either! So lets substitute those alcoholic beverages with:

Fruit Juices Or Smoothies!

All-natural fruit juices or Smoothies helps rehydrate the body better than water as it replenishes your energy levels.Make sure to avoid high acidic juices like cranberry,lemonade etc. Also look on fruit sugars if you suffer from Blood sugar level disorders

Fruity Infused Water

When flavor is a must-fruit-infused Water will suffice ,freeze slices of fruits such as oranges, raspberries or strawberries and add them to water for a taste upgrade.

Sport Drinks!

For individuals always active in sports ,drink electrolyte-based sport drinks because they supply necessary nutrients lost while sweating It’s acceptable in moderations

Herbal Teas!

Herbal Teas like Ginger Tea or chamomile tea offer both hydration as well medicinal properties . Warming these teas before drinking soothes your digestive system adding instant relief.

So there you have it: The lowdown on what happens when one starts drinking post Pancreatitits attack.Last words being patient enough whilst waiting for complete healing comes with its cherry on top- long term positive impact rather than short term gains !

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