What happens if u get pregnant while on birth control?

Well, well, well. Look who’s expecting a little bundle of joy. Did you decide to play Russian roulette with your fertility while taking birth control? Don’t worry; it’s not uncommon for women to end up in this strange situation.

In this alarming circumstance, many questions may race through your mind: “What went wrong?”, “Is it the fault of the pill?” and most importantly, ‘How does getting pregnant while on birth control affect me and my pregnancy?’

Let’s take a deep breath together as we dive into what happens if you get pregnant while on birth control.

How does Birth Control Work?

Before we go any further let us understand how ‘birth control’ works! It is something called contraceptive methods used by those who are looking to prevent pregnancy. There can be multiple types like hormonal contraception (pill or injection), condoms and IUDs etc.

However, none of these methods offers foolproof protection from conceiving a baby.”

You read that right; none of these forms provide 100% failsafe guarantees against falling prey to Mother Nature.

The market-leader within birth controls – the female contraceptives deploys an alliance effort between two hormones – progestin and estrogen that work entirely differently than other available alternatives

Reasons Why You Could Get Pregnant Even While On Contraceptives

Now that we know why no contraception method isn’t full proof let us discuss one truth-

If humans could add spelling mistakes even when working in MS Word files equipped with Grammarly support systems then failures happen everywhere!

Here are some contributing factors:

Incorrect usage

Not using contraceptive pills at the same time every day delay or missing them altogether leaves gaps allowing ovulation- which means fertile eggs can meet testy sperms

Defect In Quality

Contraceptives are mass-produced, and hence defects in manufacturing are pretty common.

Other Medical Conditions

Certain medications can interfere with hormonal birth control pills, decreasing their effectiveness.

Beyond this even certain medical conditions such as bowel diseases or a stomach virus can impede the digestive system’s ability to process oral contraceptives leading to ineffective pregnancy prevention.

What Happens If You Get Pregnant While On Birth Control?

The Shock Value

Getting pregnant while you thought you were protected is like getting stricken by lightening on sunny days!

It’s induced panic development will lead one anxious individual straight to Google and web research about possible next steps.

Physical Ramifications

The top concern should be if it’d impact your reproductive health negatively? Well, No!

After an estimated pregnancy of 250–260 days (or nine months upon confirmation), normal vaginal childbirth similar after those who got pregnant without any contraceptive involvement. It just means that this child was not planned.

Lawsuit Damages &Disclosures

If manufacturers defect caused the former scenario then sound legal advice for damages has been suggested according some recent lawsuits filed against Creighton University which sold faulty contraception methods.

Additionally keeping clear transparent communication with family/partner(often a lack thereof) on these untoward issues also pays off in understanding each other more deeply!

Next Steps After Pregnancy Confirmation?

Upon learning about pregnancy, regular checkups with one’s doctor or midwife (schedule list session every month) will become important.

Primarily managing aspects such as prenatal vitamins intake weight monitoring and testing maternal blood pressure levels amongst others during pregnancy duration through frequent obstetrical check-ups becomes necessary due to chances like high intake medicine exposure causing congenital disabilities


In conclusion, we shed light upon many facets of falling pregnant despite taking birth control pills – reasons behind its occurrence physical ramifications resulting lawsuit options all suggest that one cannot comprehend everything until facing consequences ourselves!

But don’t worry, dear friend. There’s no need to fret or stress over it. Just remember to consult with your doctor and get the necessary tests done.

Till then, follow our advice –

hope for the best but plan for potential failures so that you won’t be caught in a sudden whirlwind of confusion and disbelief when that little heartbeat is detected!

Some common doubts which one experiences:

Ques) Can birth control pills harm an unborn baby?

Ans) Usually they do not pose any threat, but use them till confirmation time (first two months) only as some rare side effects are possible once past 7 weeks.

Ques) Do I have many options left post ‘unexpected pregnancy?’


I wish to opt out of motherhood (for the moment), what can help me?

Ans – Yes! Abortion seems scary word first envisaged but safe medical aids are now available across countries where legislation permits it! Women may bookmark pregnancies end until upto particular timelines’

Remember always take proper precautions- ahemmm…sexual ones too folks never hurts anyone 😉