What happens if u drink visine?

The active ingredient in eye drops such as Visine

Visine is a brand of eye drops produced by Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson acquired Visine, along with Pfizer’s entire consumer healthcare portfolio, in December 2006. In some countries it is called Vispring.

is tetrahydrozoline HCI. Ingesting this substance can lead to a variety of harmful side effects such as dramatically lowering body temperature, causing severe breathing difficulty, respiratory failure, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, blood pressure fluctuation, tremors, seizures and even coma.

Can ingesting Visine kill you? Yes, this guy fell down the stairs, but Visine can most definitely kill you if ingested. Snopes-. The active ingredient in Visine eye drops is Tetrahydrozoline HCl 0.05%. Swallowing this substance can result in a number of nasty effects, including: Lowering body temperature to dangerous levels.

How much Visine is lethal? 1 Answer. Howeve original Visine contains 0.05% Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride. A full 15 milliliter bottle would contain 750 milligrams of the tetrahydrozoline. The MSDS sheets I found on the ‘net indicate a LD50 for mice of around 345 mg/Kg (The Lethal Dose 50% quantity is the amount of chemical which will kill half of the test animals it is…

Is Visine poisonous if ingested? Documented Proof That Visine Is Poisonous When Ingested. While eye drops have not been proven to cause diarrhea, they certainly have been proven to do things which are much more detrimental. In 1996 there was a case of a two-year-old child who swallowed about 2 to 3 mL of eye drops.

What happens if you swallow eye drops or Visine? Contrary to common belief, a few drops of Visine brand eye drops taken internally will not cause diarrhea. But swallowing it can produce much more serious medical problems. A few drops of Visine brand eye drops taken internally will induce uncontrollable diarrhea.