What happens if perfume gets in your eye?

We’ve all been there – you’re in a rush, trying to quickly spritz yourself with some perfume before heading out the door. Maybe you accidentally aimed too high and ended up spraying your eye instead. Don’t panic! While getting perfume in your eyes can be uncomfortable, it’s usually not serious.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what happens when perfume comes into contact with your eyes and offer some tips on how to avoid this situation altogether.

How Does Perfume Affect the Eyes?

The eyes are sensitive organs that rely on clear vision for most daily activities. When anything gets inside them that shouldn’t be there, it can cause discomfort or pain as well as temporary blurred vision.

Perfumes typically contain alcohol and fragrances which make them irritating when they come into contact with mucous membranes like those found in the nose, mouth or yes –the eyes.They might cause redness of the conjunctiva (the white part around your iris), stinging sensation, excessive tearing and inflammation due to their irritant nature.

It is also possible for people who have certain fragrance allergies to experience more severe reactions such as swelling around the eyes or even difficulty breathing after inhaling fumes from perfumes/fragrances themselves.

What Should You Do If Perfume Gets In Your Eye?

If you find yourself suffering from an accidental spray of perfume directly into your eye/s do these things:

  • Rinse thoroughly– rinse throughoutly with normal water; keeping eyelids slightly open so that water reaches inner corners easily
  • Rubbing should be completely avoided because it could scratch/cut sensitive areas.
  • Repeating several times ensures any lingering particles would wash off.
  • Blink repeatedly: blinking helps tears move towards lower lids carrying minor irritants outside naturally
  • Apply cold water compresses afterwards: apply chilled cotton pad/fabric onto eyes for as long as possible after washing to prevent further irritation
  • If discomfort persists, visit an ophthalmologist to evaluate the extent of damage.

How Can You Prevent This From Happening?

  1. Spray from a Distance -The quick sprays approach might have worked in your early days when you had no time to spare but not anymore! To be on the safe side spray perfume away from faceand avoid aiming too high up or too close.
  2. Cover Your Eyes: if need be, cover out ur eyes with eye protection gear (glasses/goggles) before spraying anything that tinkles yours nose or causes watering.
  3. Use Skin Lotions Instead of Sprays–if it’s a few spritzes you were looking for, apply fragrance onto skin and then spread it rather than using spray bottles to save yourself from any accidental overspraying leading towards dryness under skin followed by pain around eye area
  4. Choose Fragrance-Free Products – Look at products labeled as fragrance-free next time you shop; make sure they don’t contain smells that might irritate your mucous membranes.

While getting perfume sprayed into your eyelids is generally straightforward enough and can cause minor irritation symptoms only,in rare cases it’s important not just rinse, but keep a lookout of swelling or difficulties breathing especially if you’re aware of hypersensitivity/allergies related these fumes/ perfumes could bring along with them!

Stay aware and always choose prevention over cure!

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