What happens if anxiety goes untreated?

Have you ever experienced the heart-racing, mind-boggling sensation that comes with anxiety? You know, when everything around you seems to be crashing down even though nothing’s actually happening, and your brain is buzzing like a bee on steroids? Yeah, that one! If left untreated for too long, the consequences can be as hilarious as they are severe. Here’s what happens if anxiety goes untreated.

Getting Up in the Morning Becomes a Herculean Task

Morning grogginess, sure it’s terrible but have you tried waking up every day feeling like an elephant’s stomping at your chest because of excess worry and fear? When anxiety levels begin to spike uncontrollably every time you hear or think about an impending obligation- work assignments or paying bills – getting out of bed becomes more than just physically demanding; it becomes mentally draining. Eventually having no energy to fight off that fatigue and dozing off frequently coupled with unproductive snoozing becomes second nature.

Your Social Life Takes A Nose Dive

As strange as this may sound – people who suffer from excessive anxiety usually find themselves locked away from other human beings. They withdraw emotionally (and sometimes physically), making it hard to hang out with friends or family members who used to bring them joy before their condition got worse.

This is where the drama begins: People become skeptical about why such once social butterflies could suddenly disappear into oblivion without zero explanation. Finally putting two-and-two together (learning how toxic those anxious compulsions lead us doing irrational things) acquaintances start distancing themselves gradually till there’s none left. Before long, sufferers are high-functioning hermits taking calls through proxies cause interacting directly makes them feel unsafe.=)

No Appetite/Overeating

As mentioned earlier- little tasks become insurmountable obstacles creating sucky momentum throughout our day. In such moments, anxiety either leaves us chronically nauseated or suddenly overly hungry. Eating patterns therefore become messy and unpredictable; we start developing ‘favorites’ with grotesque names like “Anxiety Burger” (a way of coping with stressful situations) over time.

Often this makes it hard to plan one’s meals in preparation for the day ahead. Which isn’t so terrible until that client you have been working tirelessly on suddenly asks to video chat at 6 pm but because hunger pang’s hit mid-meeting all you could offer is sorry…I think my camera button has stopped working…gotta resolve that one somehow.

Isolating Hobbies

It gets even more hilarious when our hobbies start getting sucked into a vanishing black-hole- as they seem less important than doing nothing in bed –
for days, weeks, months without end.=) For example – If painting was once your beloved pastime activity pre-anxiety depression then later starts gathering dust due to lack of self-motivation till its non-existence becomes normal— breaking out those brushes feels impossible now when thoughts race instead.-lol-. Nothing compares to the feeling of melancholy when revisiting something once enjoyed only now taken over by illogical anxiousness

Coincidental Paranoia-Everyone’s Judging You!

Your brain is always going haywire! Now imagine not fighting off this unease and disturbing thoughts around people too frequently – what do we get? Yes! Cryptic paranoia episodes where anything anyone says (or doesn’t say) means there’s reason they don’t want us around anymore i.e guessing the neighbor who used to bring cookies every Christmas must be plotting against you cos he didn’t wave back today except these suspicions have no factual basis. Thus begins excessive rumination bringing creativity of staging hypothetical scenes about confrontations that are never actually had=).

You spend hours drafting responses – apparently meant-not-sent -to seem diplomatic in attempts to avoid virtual drama, convincing yourself somehow that playing the “I think we should take a break from talking about this” card will work just fine.

Panic Attacks Become A Norm

Wouldn’t it be crazy actually believing panic attacks are better uncontrolled? When overwhelmed- achieving Zen-level peace seems impossible. Even with regular workouts or time-outs trying to unclog mental pressure, hyperventilating panics still creep up on you.

It starts gradually hitting you like storm-waves and as time flies by and they worsen.. The confusion of not knowing what’s happening nor finding ways to calm down causes physical complications:-The shakes-Sweats-Numbness- these once thought temporary occurrences become daily routines complicating simple tasks like holding glasses,numbing fingers till spine-chilling pain stops one’s thoughts—thanks anxiety!

Psychosis could be next!

What do you expect would happen when all is left is an anxious void that pertains no sense of importance thus causing eerie detachment from everyday realities?

That’s right Psychosis.! Believe it or not, untreated anxiety (over long periods) opens doors for fathoming irrational illogical things eventually eating away reality leaving us with alternative ones either immersive fantasies or alternate realities replaced current existence.- Creeeeepy-. We begin accepting them without second-thoughts soon leading-to severed relationships as people start avoiding growing flakiness which leads others beginning journeys too strange for outsiders understanding ultimately alienating themselves completely=-O


Before settling into the “stranger than fiction” lifestyle fueled by runaway-affecting anxiety symptoms remember treatment can help maintain creating happier healthier versions ourselves without exaggerated fears-hence reducing unlikely hilarious scenarios arising thank god-exhale-. At least with therapy sessions, tackling existing fear becomes more realistic-becoming bionic-ballers instead wink

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