What happens if a transgender stops taking hormones?

As entertaining and amusing as watching babies eat pickle their faces for the first time, it’s no secret that the daily lives of transgender people remain shrouded in mystery to most. Perhaps you sometimes wonder what happens if a transgender stops taking hormones therapy? If so, have no fear! This funny yet informative article has got you covered with all sorts of absurd timelines to expect when a transgender takes an unexpected hiatus from hormone treatments.

The Basics: What is Hormone Therapy?

Before we dive into the laugh-out-loud consequences that can happen when stopping hormone treatment, understanding precisely what hormone therapy entails necessary.

In essence, hormonal therapies are medications allowing transgenders’ bodies to develop physical characteristics associated with their chosen gender identity. When undergoing feminizing therapies such as estrogen-based medication, testosterone production reduces or comes to a halt, thereby creating feminine features like reorganization or breast development. In contrast on masculinization pattern , which includes drugs due enhance body hair growth levels or muscle mass gain masculine traits!

“See You in Twelve Voices!” – One Week Off Hormones

One week might not seem long enough for hilarious changes; however, even seven days without hormonal relaxation can produce some significant and ridiculous differences between oneself before and after this brief period:

Day 1-3 off hormones:

Shaving because it will only take about three days until beard stubble starts cropping back up where previously bald spaces remained. On day two off hormones skin may feel dry because oily secretion decreases along scalps follicles (Somehow making everything grosser than they were!)

Days 4-7 off hormones:

The return of erections was less expected since blood circulation didn’t focus around pelvic regions during past few weeks / months… But now those areas regain feeling under returned influence testosterone – but let’s be honest, who missed having a nature mentally cause surprises in public or god forbid…meeting new people.

“Oh God, My Titties Are Going Away!” – One Month Have Passed

While two weeks away from hormone treatment often isn’t enough to yield any significant changes for most transgenders, the opposite is the case with one month off hormones. During this time frame:

Days 1-10 Off Hormones:

Aside from a slight increase in oily skin and zitty breakouts build up , people will notice that their breasts may decrease as they likely only developed because of the hormonal intervention previously received (not like those aren’t coming back!)

Days 11-20 Off Hormones:

During day 18 hair fall increases despite not doing anything differently than before during therapy period probably prompting dumbfounded looks at what’s possibly falling off someone” scalpscalp understandably . Furthermore on day twenty there will be an increased production oil without any explanation why! So many questions!

Day 21-30 Off Hormones:

How to say it bluntly? They could test out their vocal range/sing very high. Is it going to help them legally when needed? Absolutely Not ! You’ll feel an unwanted return sense liberation of voice dropping from previous work together with muscles themselves returning faster than you’d think possible. And if you thought puberty growth spurts were no fun… Welcome back!

Undoubtedly the first few weeks are still manageable; let’s move on to more absurd long-term scenarios.

Let Me Tell You About How I Became A Hobbit – Six Months Out!!!

The timeline continues to keep getting progressively funnier! Although six months might seem like adequate downtime between hormonal medications, these upcoming tweaks occurring due to lacking medical care positively make J.R.R Tolkien’s works appear fact-based by comparison:

Powerful Mood Swings – After Several Weeks Without Hormones:
Perhaps one of the most unexpected effects they’ll experience from a lack of hormonal intervention has to do with mood changes. During this point, those who have stopped therapy would undoubtedly feel much more emotional or physically reactive than when they were receiving medicinal assistance.

Facial Routine = Growth Beards – After Two Months Without Therapy:
Whether it may seem comical at first, regarding transgenders’ typical hair growth patterns to change can be challenging to address when its evidence manifests in beard formation without asking for it! Facial shaving frequently will become mandatory if not welcomed. Indeed, mustache combing kits might enter stockage in bathrooms!

Muscle mass loss @ six months after stopping HRTs vs Starting treatment early on depending on past life experiences and resulting musculature:
With testosterone clogging an innocent victim’s veins no longer there, muscle tissue gradually starts disappearing from bodies as well. Those who’ve stopped therapy can begin experiencing loss amounts ranging anywhere from slightly noticeable to bitterly defeating.


In conclusion? As humorous potential exists during scenarios involving ceasing hormone therapies for transgender people – caution is still necessary always- even in laughing matters!!! Whether dealing with powerful mood-enhancing medicine or facial/beard bizarre transformations without expressed consent, anyone looking for a good laugh can trust these oddball but factually accurate timelines about what happens without essential medical care back onboard are sufficient enough humoristic nutrition!