What happens after positive ivf pregnancy test?

Are you one of the lucky ones who have undergone years of ovulation monitoring, blood work, injections and ultrasounds to finally get a positive IVF pregnancy test? Congratulations! You are now part of an exclusive club – parents through assisted reproductive technologies.

But what happens after a positive IVF pregnancy test? The answer may surprise you. Here is all that you need to know:

1- Scheduling First Trimester Appointments

After receiving your long-awaited positive news, it’s important to schedule appointments with doctors as soon as possible. Your obstetrician or fertility specialist would recommend multiple visits during this stage to ensure both mother and baby remain healthy throughout the first trimester.

These visit schedules vary from time to time; however, here is roughly what can be expected:

Month Visit
First Month Confirmation Visit
Second Month Viability & Initial Screening Tests
Third Month Final Tests Before Second Trimester Start

So be sure to mark those calendars!

2 – Thinking About Prenatal Testing

One of the unique features about undergoing assisted reproductive treatments is that couples can have access prenatal tests much earlier than traditional pregnancies.

For example, successful implantation via in vitro fertilization will lead most clinicians to conduct an ultrasound six weeks into gestation. This confirms fetal heartbeats and rules out ectopic pregnancies.

In addition, couples can research different types of screening tests they might require later on in their term through various genetic counseling resources such as MaterniT21 or non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) options.Remember though these are optional tests. Every couple must decide whether they want them for peace-of-mind or other reasons that make sense for them.

It’s always best practice though to stay informed regarding available options.

3 – Adjustments To Lifestyle

Now you and your partner must make lifestyle adjustments. You will need to now start eating healthy plus incorporate moderate exercise into daily routines.

Stress levels should remain low during this time period because high stress can cause problems down the road, so aim for relaxation techniques or mindful meditation practices daily. Additionally, if one of the partners is a smoker, it’s best to quit smoking completely; otherwise, exposure to second-hand smoke may also harm the developing baby.

Remember…the healthier you eat (limiting junk food), maintain regular movement.(provide some general examples) and keep your body in tip-top shape with extra curricular activities that suit your interests, the better chances of birthing success.`

4 – Informing Family & Friends

After months of keeping everyone on edge about past IVF treatments, what’s next as soon-to-be new parents? You’ll surely want to blast out an email of happiness tinged with tremendous excitement.

That’s right! That positive pregnancy test result deserves pride-of-place announcements made across social channels from Facebook posts capturing photos upfront while donning baby clothes or cute fathoms on Instagram feeds depicting ultrasound pictures mom placed atop your belly showcasing bump progression over weeks. Always remember though that private information shared online makes it difficult for family members unable to physically go travelling back-and-forth long distances just to personally congratulate happy couples.`

Hence take account who you would be able share first news off-line. Plan small gatherings minimum tightly-knit local groups maybe around weekends timeframe always remembering those not present due distance reasons who love receiving news via text messages or phone calls received sooner rather than stagnant sharing only after everything has already gone viral.`

5- Purchasing Maternity Clothes

Say hello to comfort shopping where items such as underwear waistbands pressed upwards against bloating bellies are no more in fashion, while maxi dresses, leggings with waistbands that expand as per-say,the wearer’s body grows with soft cotton T-shirts preferable choices over other materials. In the third trimester many women often require comfortable footwear since their feet might swell whereby they must go roomier flip-flops rather than tight fitting shoes or sandals for improved foot breathing capabilities.`

6- Discussing Maternity Leave

Inform employers about your enrolment into maternity leave well in advance from expected date of delivery which would provide supervisor managers ample time make unbiased arrangements enabling smooth transition.

It is also important to find out more information on length-of-time offered within business irrespective plan going through – be it paid or unpaid – such that finances remains viable when off work.

7- Registering For Prenatal Classes

Learning everything there is to know about pregnancy and childbirth may not happen immediately after a positive IVF pregnancy test. However, mindful couples dedicate the upcoming couple of months researching prenatal classes to attend at earliest possible opportunity providing hands-on experience perfect for themselves during current circumstances.`

These classes offers advantage teaching soon-to-be parents how best prepare healthy lifestyle changes including nutrition variables affected by different stages of gestation thus complementing easier conception methods ensuring consistency throughout term leading up giving birth..`

8- Considering Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking guidelines vary based wherever you reside – however, opting for this service allows saving stem-cell-rich cord-blood community bank like Cryoviva located within India who offer superior quality through advanced techniques yet affordable costs,with clinicians having undergone rigorous training processes processes or equivalent platform solely intended exclusively dedicatedly towards storing baby’s stem cells efficiently until required later in future if ever needed.`

Opt-in incase deemed beneficial option convinced industry has perfected science behind cord-blood preservation leading greater access innovative techniques years down line should something unexpected arise..

9-Self-Care Practices

Remember caring self equally essential, especially in lead up first trimester.

Here are few tips coming handy that too might require no extra finances:

  • Napping: Make sleep a top priority. Weekend or mid-day naps do wonders for maintaining energy levels.
  • Hydrating: Drink plenty of fluids while staying away from artificial sweeteners found in sugary drinks to avoid unnecessary bloating.
  • Stress-reducing Techniques during self-quarantine`: Consider meditation practices using YouTube instruction videos whenever time permits regardless if realizing the benefits at onset or after as they help lower stress levels and prepare couples this unique life transition together positive of perspective.

10 – Creating A Baby Registry

Who doesn’t love shopping right? Creating baby registries can be an exciting way about involving loved ones giving them a chance contributing towards items moms-to-be would require for smoothest experience.

Although before announcing registry plans to wider audiences better ensure all products & specific brand preferences listed on it don’t bust family budgets but realistic enough suiting financial circumstances across varying degrees considering limited purchasing power. This is a great opportunity co-workers, friends and extended families pull resources together thus enabling high-ticket purchases such as stroller seats made by known major manufacturers like Graco yet with combined savings experiences surprises budget-conscious donors can take advantage of..

11 – Developing Birth Plan

It’s important having birth plan place prior delivering baby-Little details noted down earlier go long way terms preparing comfortable environment at delivery.Gathering information regarding different birthing methods which suits situations poses required research into options available allowing informed decisions being made early rather than panic settling only later moments beforehand leading unpreparedness crisis.

Dominant idea behind developing birth plans enable couples determine who they want be present helping manage natural/ C-section deliveries empowering feelings creation devising birthing process relevant current facts lifestyles shortlists minimalize uncertainties, minimising any confusion among medical staff so that everyone involved in birthing process remains more at ease.

In addition, couples can utilise books recommended by clinicians before getting opinions from the surrounding communities, helping provide an extensive understanding of labour induction techniques..`

12 – Shopping for Baby Essentials

It’s never too soon start shopping baby items essential to post-birth motherhood experiences. Top essentials include:

  • Diapers: Diapers! Can’t have enough of them
  • Clothes: Simple onsies and sleepers are always useful (and adorable!)
  • Bottles & Pacifiers
  • Car Seat and Stroller Combos

Regardless if moniker “Best’ or “Luxury” item tags attached online options but suggestion opt-to purchase reasonable budget-friendly alternatives closely resembling industry leaders yet with same features so that both baby’s requirements remaining satisfied without exceeding planned budgets.`

13 – Safeguarding/Childproofing your Home

As per background research conducted on medical training,newborn infants remain susceptible being taught simple household skills this reason child-proofing safeties spaces becomes utmost important whether it be installing hardware deemed secure proof filing cabinets seeing folding cabinet doors secured’ed shutt`.You would wish minimize access hazardous mechanisms stock up:

+ Anti-slippery mats where spills might occurs
+ Cupboard locks installed preventing middle-sections reach areas ensuring minimal contact with chemicals.
+ Smoke alarms tested regularly within home setting maintaining comfort level whilst minimizing panic attacks occurring just as often which could lead unnecessary stress levels observed during experimentation phase testing was done..`

14 – Connecting With Ivf-Support Groups And Family Members

Join IVF community like Fertility Warriors entitled offer support groups widely accepted majority countries not considered taboo anymore offering platforms online enabling couples discuss infertility struggles candidly eliminating stigma around treatments personalized matters related pregnancy.`

Connecting loved ones discussing future plans enable feeling supported provides valid emotional safety , a sense belonging leading heightened emotions which goes long-way forming stronger bonds strengthening relationships.`

15 – Preparing Mental & Physical Stability

Remember preparing emotional stability remains just as require focusing regular exercise routines in lead-up first-trimester turning coping mechanism levels around. Couples may consider hiring personal trainers specialised prenatal exercises tailoring them depending unique circumstances instead resorting traditional gym style regimes deemed unsuitable for mothers-to-be with upper body muscles build-up counter-productive delivery plans.

Mental preparation also important thus couple can seek appropriate professional counseling sessions during fluctuations they experience at different stages due to hormonal imbalances and other factors contributing toward rising emotions among caregivers parent..`

16- Patience,Perseverance And Joy!

Lastly,nine months of patience,perserveramce,self-awareness amongst all personal preparation strategies remain have absolutely nothing on the ecstasy associated bringing new life into world.All those previous moments, experiences where hard-work,sacrifices,multipronged approaches were only stage building robust foundation practised honesty leading up pristine happiness ridden awaited moment finally arrives whereby love notes placed everywhere including baby rooms lined soothing lavender scents provoking overwhelming feelings almost ready burst!

In conclusion while everyone’s journey is uniquely themselves,yet every person undergoes such a similar journey,dometimes–victims of unavoidable reasons or random probability.The most wonderful thing, it that pregnancy brings newfound joy even midst pain when couples become prepared enthusiasts, eagerly awaiting arrival newest addition soon to come into the family fold. Enjoy every step towards parenthood along way for sure foot forward creating memories lasting lifetime!

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