What happened to keri lotion?

Have you ever found yourself in the skincare aisle staring at the empty spot where your favorite lotion used to be? That’s how it felt when Keri lotion disappeared from shelves overnight. One day, it was there, pampering our skin like a gentle lover; and then poof! It vanished faster than a magician’s rabbit. So what happened to Keri lotion? We dove deep into this mystery to uncover everything behind its disappearance.

The History of Keri Lotion

Keri Lotion is one of those beauty products that has been around forever – or so it feels. The brand launched in 1960 with just two lotions: regular and hypoallergenic (for people who are allergic to things they can’t even pronounce). Over time, more varieties were added including Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Vitamin E. Despite all these additions, the original formula remained untouched until something shifted.

When Did Keri Disappear?

It seems like just yesterday we were buying bottles of silky-smooth goodness off supermarket shelves without a care in the world. But alas! According to industry insiders, sales for Keri had been declining over the years due to increased competition from newer brands like CeraVe and Aveeno. This decline gave other big-name companies an opportunity thus pushing out our beloved classic product.

This process escalated quickly resulting in Unilever shutting down production for good at their factory earlier this year. By June 2021, stores nationwide no longer carried any hint of everyday luxury once known as ‘Kerilicious’.

What Can We Use Instead Of KerLotion??

First thing first – panic not! There are still many products on the market that will hydrate your body smoother than Justin Timberlake moves his hips- wait did I say that aloud?

Here are some alternatives:

Brand Purpose
CeraVe For dry skin
Aveeno For sensitive skin
Cerave Face Lotion for combination/under-hydrated skin type

In fact, in their own way these products are better than Keri ever was. Companies continue to improve formulas regularly and have something for every skincare aficionado.

Incredible Benefits of KerLotion

For those who had the chance to bathe their bodies with Keri lotion, it’s not hard to understand what made this beauty product so special. Here are a few benefits that our users won’t forget quickly:

Quenches Dry Skin In A Second

Keri Skincare had an instant effect on dry/dehydrated skins; it makes your body feel like as if you just plunged into a pool of moisture haha!

No Greasy Residue

The last thing anyone likes after applying any lotion is feeling greasy or slimy after drying off! It’s a common problem when some lotions don’t absorb easily into the skin but our beloved Kerilicious formula never left such residue behind making it one of its prominent feature loved by all.

Amazing Fragrances

Do you remember tucking yourself away in bed while being surrounded by sweet vanilla/cocoa fragrance? Sleeping became even more enchanting…every day!

The Future Of Keri Lotion?

It’s unlikely that consumers will see bottles of Keri resurface again anytime soon- sadly we might say goodbye forever! However, there is still hope- hopefully Unilever may release new versions with modern formulations.Possibly reintroducing other discontinued brands around the globe (cough cough AXE popcorn scented shower gel).

So bummed out kerifanatics-the search continues.


When it comes down to personal care items like skin moisturizers/sunscreen/self-tanners etc., sometimes popular options seem ‘inappropriate’. Even though in this case our popular favorite Keri was removed, there’s no need to stress. There are numerous reliable and better alternatives available on the market! So, be kind to yourself and don’t give up hope; we never know someday it might magically reappear like a genie from Aladdin.

Disclaimer: Anything with an asterisk beside it is only for artistic/comic effect. 🙂

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