What gums are good for teeth?

When it comes to oral hygiene, the focus is usually on brushing and flossing. But did you know that chewing gum can also be beneficial for your teeth? Yes, dear reader! You read that right. Chewing gum has been proven by countless studies to have many benefits for your dental health.

So, what are gums good for teeth? Let’s dive in and find out!

The Benefits of Chewing Gum


Have you ever noticed how much saliva starts flowing when you start chomping down on a gum piece? It may seem gross but hear us out. Saliva production is essential in keeping our mouths healthy as it washes away food particles and neutralizes harmful acids produced by bacteria in our mouth. Don’t believe us, try spitting into a cup after 5 minutes of letting it sit without swallowing – we dare ya!

Oral Hygiene

Sugar-free chewing gums contain active ingredients such as xylitol which inhibits plaque formation while promoting enamel repair through remineralization. This reversal of early decay by tooth repair is called ‘remineralisation.’ Since sugars are not present (or at least considerably reduced), the growth rate of bad bacteria would decrease hence reducing the likelihood of tooth decay over time.

According to Dr Ninad Moon MD:

In my experience treating patients with various stages of cavities, I’ve noticed that increasing salivary flow via sugarless or xylitol-gum can actually help stabilize minor cavities.

Who knew rematerialization was an actual word?!

Psychological Effects

Chewing gum stimulates blood flow throughout one’s body generating happy-hormones like dopamine y’all! Additionally, couples having communication issues might just need good old fashioned bubblegum; there’s something about looking like an idiot goofing around trying to blow bubbles again that makes them laugh amongst themselves thus strengthening their bond.

Fresh Breath

And you thought Altoids or mouthwash worked wonders? Chewing a piece of gum after a meal can help freshen your breath especially when mint-based flavors like Mentos or Trident are used, while also providing all the other benefits we’ve mentioned. So next time Susy critiques your gum chewing habit during lunch break, tell her to take away her wrinkly nose and join in!

Sugar-Free vs Regular Gum

Gums come in two broad categories: sugar-free and regular gums. Now, here comes an obvious statement darlings; one is health-friendly whereas the other isn’t so much duh!!

Regular gum contains products like high-fructose corn syrup (ahem!), which provides bacteria with enough energy to form acids that alter pH levels leading to tooth decay. However good the flavor may be for some of y’all smirking back there it still negatively affects oral hygiene hence should just disappear into ‘wherever’.

Sugar-free on the other hand is more healthy as its ingredients stimulate salivation thereby reducing risks of cavities by removing harmful agents whilst acting as protection against future damage.

So long story short (because let’s face it most people skim through articles these days-hellooo 1000 character caption snippets lol), always make sure to choose sugar-free gums thus promoting oral hygiene across the land!

Which Gums Are Best?

There are several great brands of sugar-free gum out there but not all perform equally due to different formulations inducing varying amounts of saliva flow rates therefore affecting plaque index scores differently.
For our research purposes only (definitely third-person- yep) , we conducted an experiment using five popular brands — xtra®, Extra®, Orbit® Spearmint, Doublemint®, Juicy Fruit®—to determine which would make our team-approved list:

Brand Type Taste Profile
Xtra® Sugar-Free Spearmint
Extra® Sugar-Free Peppermint
Orbit® Spearmint Sugar-Free Spearmint
Doublemint® Regular Gum Varies by Flavor
Juicy Fruit® Regular Gum Fruit

You may be wondering why we even bothered to include regular gum in our testing. Well well well, the non-sugar-free gums can still freshen breath and provide saliva stimulation after all! Keepin’ it balanced here!

Amongst sugar-free brands tested the favorite was (drumroll) Extra®, as users reported a longer-lasting effect compared to other alternatives for oral hygiene purposes which ultimately deemed it our winner.

Where To Find Them

So where can you get them? While most outlets local shops may not have the full suite of options as listed here, with Amazon expanding its reach across countries worldwide its now possible to buy gum with just one click! Relish your needs people 🙂

Better than online-shopping though support your dad’s corner store nearby whenever you can- much love ‘father figure’.

Good dental health is crucial for overall wellbeing so alongside healthy brushing habits remember to also always carry around a few pieces of sugarless gum..you’ll thank us (or rather him) later on -we guarantee — !

Happy chewing everyone!

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