What greens are high in fiber?

Do you ever feel like your insides are just a lost cause? Do you find yourself browsing the grocery store aisles, aimlessly hoping that something will magically help regulate your digestive system? Well, my friend, look no further! Here’s everything you need to know about greens high in fiber.

The Good Stuff: Benefits of Fiber

Before we dive into the specific greens with high fiber content, let’s talk about why it even matters. You see, consuming foods high in fiber can do wonders for our gut health! Here are just a few perks:

  • Promotes bowel regularity (no more guessing games on when nature will call)
  • Prevents constipation (finally some relief)
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Keeps blood sugar levels stable
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight by keeping us feeling fuller for longer

Top Tier Greens for Extra Roughage

Now let’s get down to business. Here is what should be filling up your plate if you want to give those intestines something to work with:


Who knew eating trees could have such great benefits? Not only is broccoli packed with vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and potassium, but one cup of raw broccoli contains 2.4 grams of fiber! Next time someone judges you for loading up on veggies at dinner, remind them that all that roughage is doing wonders internally.


Arti-nobody knows how much I love artichokes! Seriously though – they’re not only delicious as an appetizer or added on top of pizza (you’re welcome), one medium-sized artichoke contains 10.3 grams (!) of fiber. Talk about putting up numbers!

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts often get a bad rap because people don’t know how to cook them properly – trust me there’s nothing worse than overcooked sprouts. Nonetheless, they deserve some respect for their fiber content – one cup of cooked Brussels sprouts contains 6 grams of our favorite nutrient.


Kale yeah! A staple in the green juice world, kale is also known to pack a punch when it comes to fibrous goodness. One cup of raw kale provides 2.6 grams of fiber and let’s be real, who else eats just one cup?

Other Noteworthy Leafy Greens

Don’t worry if you’re not obsessed with any greens mentioned above – there are still other options available! Here are some other leafy options that won’t disappoint:

  • Spinach: A great source of vitamins and minerals as well being high in, yep you guessed it – fiber.
  • Swiss Chard: This colorful green is rich in both vitamin K and magnesium as well as having a decent amount of fiber per serving (3.7 g/cup).
  • Romaine Lettuce: Not only does this crunchy lettuce make a great base for salads but each leaf has roughly .5 grams of fiber which can add up quickly over multiple servings (bonus round).

The Bottom Line

At the end()of the day, greens high in fiber play an essential role in maintaining good gut health. Plus they help us stay full longer which means we don’t have to snack on questionable items all day long(you know what I’m talking about). So remember next time you’re at the grocery store, stock up on these roughage-rich choices because your body will thank you later!

Happy digestion!