What foods to avoid if you have an enlarged spleen?

If you’ve recently found out that you have an enlarged spleen, then you’re probably wondering what foods are best for your condition. Well, fear not! I’m here to provide the ultimate guide on what not to eat when dealing with this pesky organ enlargement.

The Lowdown on the Spleen

Before we dive into all of the forbidden snacks and meals out there, it’s important to understand a little bit about the spleen – just so we can grasp why we need to avoid certain foods in our diet.

The spleen is located just below your left ribcage and is responsible for filtering blood cells while helping to fight off infections. However, when this organ becomes enlarged (often due to any underlying health conditions), it means that its normal functions get impacted.

So… What Should I Eat If Not These 5 Foods?

Now onto the good stuff: Wherever foodies tread, do NOT hit up these five types of items:

1. Processed Junk Food

I know this one might be hard since processed food seems like a quick fix for hungering tummies at times; however- let me tell y’all loudly— eating processed junk food will only make things worse! Sugar-laden desserts (groan) like donuts or cookies contain chemicals that can aggravate your already irritable immune system- Sending Mr.Spleen into overdrive.

We ain’t even done yet!

Trans fats found? Nah. Steering clear of fast food outlets and packaged snack cakes should shoot right behind everyone’s thoughts.. Even potato chips which have been heated in unhealthy oils are not worth trying given their high levels of sodium,- sweetie when eaten together with queso dips would surely elevate skin inflammation.(Nope!)

What’s next guys?

Soda pop(!!) – Okay, now hear me. If you’re willing to listen with an open heart and ears, I implore that one stops the consumption of soft drinks (espec. carbonated). These “refreshing” cold calorie bombs contain enough sugar to make a baby elephant crash land on Mars- WHA– How about substituting it for water? Crystal clear natural goodness couldn’t hurt.

2. Alcohol

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but quitting alcohol is a major step in managing your enlarged spleen—100%. Even though some smaller studies may contradict this theory, experts recommend staying away from alcohol altogether when struggling with this health condition.

3. Spicy Foods

The concept of avoiding spicy foods applies largely to people struggling with digestive issues due to an enlarged spleen as these meals stimulate digestion which adversely affects Mr.Spleens work (sigh). Cutting out that extra Sriracha or hot sauce will do wonders in reducing inflammation.

Other Food Items That Should Be Avoided…

Here’s a list (groan)of other food items to avoid:

  • Red Meat
  • Dairy Products
  • Fried foods
  • Caffeine-crammed Beverages e.g Tea (u__u), Coffee & Dark Chocolate
  • Cruciferous Vegetables e.g Broccoli -Oh no!
    And Tomatoes

However, peculiarly there are food items individuals can eat without worrying because they’re considered anti-inflammatory. Their benefits rest even beyond decreasing any swells/frauds caused by an Enlarged Spleen:

So Wait! What Can I Eat?

After mentioning all those taboo-ed delicious treats it’s only fair we explore the opposite end i.e.- ”what should you eat then?” Here’s what nutritionists have approved as adequate meal options; Nutritious fruits such As:Bananas papayas peaches melons and pomegranate happen to have some anti-inflammatory properties. The truth is evident- you can never go wrong with a piece of fruit, dude! Herbal Teas e.g Chamomile Tea —they contain Natural calming agents– which are undeniably beneficial in this category (right?). Furthermore, leafy green vegetables from spinach to kale should be at the top of mind when selecting side dishes.

Fish i.e. Tuna & Salmon: Also rich in omega 3 fatty acids and great protein as well.Outstanding sources of Omega -3 include soybeans, Flaxseed oils chia seeds or Fatty Fishes, definitely worth a try!

It’s imperative that we understand what our bodies need consistently; In conclusion avoid the foods that irritate Mr.Spleen whilst replenishing him/her/them (?) simultaneously by consuming healthier nutrient-rich options! Don’t forget to consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

Final Thoughts…

Enlarged spleens can be tricky since there isn’t always an exact cure for them; sometimes dietary adjustments could make all the difference though.I hope this article was useful even despite its humoristic nature— fingers crossed you discovered something new (winky face) until next time don’t forget…Mr Spleen is watching you.(evil smile).