What foods to avoid if gluten intolerant?

If you’re a gluten-intolerant person, then the world of food can be both tempting and treacherous. We all love to eat delicious meals, but when your body reacts negatively to a particular component in most foods such as wheat, barley or rye… well let’s just say things can get pretty confusing!

In this article, we’ve taken an amusing approach towards making the best out of a difficult situation: avoiding gluten-filled diets altogether. So without further ado, here are some great tips on which foods to avoid at all costs!

Bread and Pastries: The Achilles Heel for Gluten-Intolerants

Let’s face it; bread is an absolute staple when it comes to our daily diet routine. Toasts for breakfast? Pasta for lunch? Who doesn’t like that warm smell of baked goods wafting through the air?! However, people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity often react negatively even at small traces of gluten so…you might want put down that croissant.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Regular bread contains wheat flour
  • Wheat-based pastry serves no use other than indigestion
  • Regular cakes contain flours combining multiple grains including wheat – not cool

But hey don’t worry; there is still hope! Vegan and Paleo recipes offer close substitutes without compromising taste.

Great Alternatives with Close Flavor Proximity

While eliminating these staples from your menu might feel frustrating initially but keep faith good food awaits! Your local natural grocery store will shower you with numerous options containing oat flour (gluten free), almond meal/flour or coconut flour etc.

1) Shredded Tamari seaweed wraps

2) Rice paper wrappers aka Vietnamese spring rolls

3) Chickpea Flour/Tapioca Crepes served with filling option y’all decide whether savory^(1) or sweet^(2)

Beware of Soy-Based Products

Soy-based products may have ‘foodly’ names but might not be that feasible for all customers. Moreover, picking up tofu/soy sauce isn’t always the best option when it comes to serving and enjoying a gluten-free meal. Here’s why:

  • Most soy sauces contain wheat
  • Tofu can also sometimes involve wheat

But fret not! There are still many “tofulicious” ways available to replace these items in your diet plan with substitutes like coconut aminos.

Watch Out for Processed Foods & Snacks

We know what you’re thinking; grabbing chips, candies or chocolate from the shelves at checkout is just far too tempting – we’re guilty as charged. But before taking bites off ‘that delicious looking snack bar’, take a look at its label!

Typically, processed foods carry chemicals aimed towards preservation which often means added preservatives containing gluten compounds.

Some common snacks you may want to avoid if intolerant include:

1) Flavored crackers
2) Popcorn packets/enhancements
3) Anything labeled “gluten free”, check twice

Safely Store Your Food Products/Food Prep Equipment Separately

While eliminating ingredients heavy on traces of gluten seems like enough of a work already – there’s more!
One crucial process ignored by most lately has been cross-contamination prevention .

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Use different equipment while prepping food-items — primarily cooking utensils such as skillets/mixing bowls etc.
2) Have designated sections in fridges stored separately for safe consumption

Final Thoughts: Now You Know Better (And don’t let anyone tell ya otherwise!)

So here it is folks; eating out doesn’t seem nearly as daunting anymore does it? Gluten intolerance shouldn’t make life any harder than it already is, and in most cases – a visit to the store or two can offer you ample alternatives. So go ahead; kick back, prepare yourself a snack(yet healthy) and rest easy (on an ergonomic pillow) while knowing that avoiding gluten doesn’t have to mean missing out on life’s guilty pleasures!

Whether for geographic or hereditary reasons; intolerance exists! If you love food stay knowledgeable at all times possible & continue reading up material highlighting preparation techniques plus unique substitution methods utilizing secret ingredients(Aloe Vera Flour anyone?).

Bon appétit!


Hope: A positive belief despite dire reality.

Vegan: Plant-based dietary choice- diets free of animal products like meat/eggs/dairy/honey etc.

Paleo: Pretty much defines foods eaten before agriculture came into practice i.e., grain-free with emphasis given on grass-fed meats/seeds/fruits/nuts/root vegetables/herbs etc.

Savory/Sweet fills:
(1) Tomato/basil/mozzarella crepes
(2) Nutella Melt Banana Raspberry Crepes

Avoid “gluten-free” processed goods as they tempt customers into potentially allergenic indulgences! Instead rely heavily upon personal scrutiny where labels are concerned!

As essential as marking your blankets ‘mine not yours’, organizing food items separately if intolerant reduces any potential cross-contamination which may lead towards reactions unwanted~

Here’s what happens when there’s cross-contamination prevention ignorance :

Cross-contamination Prevention

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