What foods have resveratrol?

Are you tired of your plain old diet? Look no further because resveratrol is here to spice things up. This miracle compound has been linked to various health benefits, from reducing inflammation to improving heart health. So, where can you find it? Let’s take a look at the foods that are packed with this powerhouse ingredient.


Grapes might just be the queen bee of resveratrol-packed foods. They’re high in both resveratrol and antioxidants, making them an excellent choice for keeping your body feeling fresh as a daisy. Red grapes are said to have more resveratrol than their green counterparts, so don’t hesitate to add them to your wine glass or fruit salad!
– High in antioxidants
– Red grapes have more resveratrol than green
– Great for adding to wine glasses or fruit salads


Yes, that’s right! You can’t talk about resveratrol without mentioning its connection with red wine. The skin of red grapes is used during the winemaking process, resulting in fermented grape juice called…you guessed it: red wine! But remember – moderation is key.
– Made using skins from red grapes
– Best enjoyed in moderation 😉


Berries are not only tasty but also quite nutritious! From blueberries and strawberries to raspberries and blackberries – all contain some level of the good stuff, aka:resveratrol.
– All berries contain some amount of(reswero-troll)resveRATROL!


Peanuts aren’t just something you snack on at ball games; they’re full of nutrients essential for overall well-being—specifically vitamin E and protein but also boasting significant amounts of our friend(cue cheering)…res-resv-RATTT-trol.
– High in vitamin E and protein
– Significant source of resveratrol

Dark Chocolate

That’s right, I said “chocolate.” It seems too good to be true – but it’s not! That being said, always cross-check the percentage of cocoa as most chocolate bars are filled with added sugar or milk resulting in less pure concentration of cacao.
– Always check % of cocoa to ensure a larger amount of pure chocolate
– Not just for Valentines day!


This delicious crunchy munchie might seem small in size but provides a significant nutritional punch. Alongside healthy fats, fiber and protein… you guessed it; this nut is also chock-full-of-resvera-tol!
– High in healthy fats, fiber and protein
– Significant source of Resv….RESVAaaRAAAtRoll!

Red Onions

Onions? Yes. What makes red onions different regarding health benefits from their counterparts like white onions is their very high flavonoid content; including quercetin –a powerful bioactive compound that has many protective effects on health.

Quercetin decreases inflammation (cheers loud) which may lead to better cognitive function overall improved cardiovascular functioning amongst other scientific findings.

Along with those numerous perks comes traces amounts(resveRATROL)of our guy!
– High flavonoid (including Quercetin!) content Benefits include: decreased inflammation improving cognitive awareness & cardiovascular functioning
– Contains trace amounts or our friend res(ver)atroL

Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed isn’t the most popular veggie option around town(Probably because it sounds like an intense workout move… "20 reps and we’re done!") The Japanese Knotwood plant contains significant concentrations(polyDONTknows-polyidektons?)called poly…polyDEEKS…. We’ll stick to calling it what we know is valuable Resveratrol. However, It’s an incredibly nutrient-packed plant along with rich vitamin A&C dosages and protein.
– High concentrations of Resveratrol
– Rich in vitamins A & C as well as protein

Peanut Butter

If You’re a fan of peanut butter like me then have no fear. While not all peanut types contain the same levels(res-ver-uht-roll)resverAtroL, studies suggest organic creamy’s might pack more punch than others with their concentration of the good stuff(res-ver-a-troll). go ahead…smear it on!
-Organic creamy peanut butters may have more resveratrol
-My personal favourite!


Overall, adding any one of these above-listed options to your healthy diet would be a significant step towards obtaining RESERATROL…the real MVP(a hit song intro here) From grapes to Japanese Knotweed let us all give some credit where credit is due. So next time you’re at your local grocery store or farmers market mix up our ingredients because living healthy does NOT mean sacrificing taste!