What foods are allowed on a gluten free diet?

Going gluten-free is all the rage these days. Every other non-celiac person seems to be taking up this trendy diet, which means that breadcrumbs and flour can now be found in such cruelly unglamorous places as dog food advertisements.

But for those who suffer from celiac disease or have a sensitivity to gluten, cutting out gluten-containing products like bread, pasta, cakes and biscuits etc., is not simply about avoiding fads – it’s a medical necessity!

At first glance being on a gluten-free diet may seem overwhelming but with time one gets used to it. And believe me you: saying no to your favourite cake isn’t that bad if it keeps you healthy! But wait… so what exactly constitutes as “allowed” when someone is shopping around for good-tasting yet safe-for-consumption foods? This article explores just that!

No Breadcrumbs Please 😀

It’s hard enough finding food free of any unwanted additives; it gets trickier excluding certain ingredients entirely from your plates. Any wheat-based product contains barley rye or wheat: to name just three common sources of our enemy here i.e Gluten itself. Some examples include :

  • Artisan breads
  • Bagels
  • Cakes (and I’m not talking too much about soufflé here!)
  • Cookies <\3
  • Croissants (I’d rather die than leave my croissant) —- Just Kidding … maybe!
    Quip Alert: Being convinced you’ll only date someone who shares your allergy before remembering how awesome pizza was.

Given so many restrictions at hand even knowing what we can eat safely can leave our brain puzzled sometimes…. So Let’s simplify things by checking some foods we should better go without.

No questions Asked.. Say NO TO WHEAT PASTA.

Let’s get straight to the major offenders we should strictly avoid in our gluten-free diet!
Wheat products are first big red flag here. This includes wheat pasta and bread, so crucial for keeping those hunger pangs at bay. But having to exclude such classics as Spaghetti Carbonara can be a little hard on the soul – Anyway that’s why ‘zoodles’ were ever invented,Yass!! 😀 So if a plate of spaghetti is calling out your name you need not worry, Satisfy all your cravings by replacing ordinary loaves with its Gluten-free alternative!

The Muesli Summit

So say bye-bye to instant-noodle-meals too (Sniff), what else one needs to ditch from their grocery list? High-End Breakfasts like cereals etc.. hold onto your cornflakes before we dive in!. While some traditional cheerio-type cereals won’t pass muster due to containing wholegrain oats or malted flakes others such as muesli has very similar ingredients with naturally glutenous grains used at times.

Good news: there are plenty of popular breakfast-lines which produce exclusive Gluten-Free versions of every kind; Just check the label under auspices 🙂

Gluten-free bread stored next shelf await us after failing this round against oatmeal
And here lies the secret for us constant poor souls over thinking about dietary restrictions: get along on best alternatives other than regular processed foods.

Foods You CAN Eat Easily On A Gluten-Free Diet

Avoiding Breadcrumbs doesn’t mean avoiding food altogether… endless tasty food awaits us once again!!
To make things easier we have compiled quite an extensive list below:

Product Type What To Look Out For
Bread Free Bread… you heard it right! Specific Brands offering “Naturally” & Certified ”Free” baked goods.
Cereals Special mention – Rice & Corn Flakes amongst other Gluten Free Alternatives. (also look for labels certifying the same)
Flour Now available in abundance as brands like Bob Red Mill’s start introducing them onto shelves too!
Grains Rice, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Potatoes
Pasta Zucchini noodles again!!! Or opt for Pasta made up of corn or rice.
Snacks Fresh Fruits,Vegetables Hard boiled eggs any day 🙂
Sweets & Biscuits Specific Ranges offered by Recognized Brands within specific “Gluten-free” sections.

Phew… The list seems never ending! Not only have gluten-free options abundantly crowded our markets now; but also manufacturers worldwide are going all-inclusive with inventive brand new substitutions to bolster people’s drive towards healthy eating choices.

Dining Out? Let’s Ease It Up Too!

Dining out can be tough especially when one desires avoiding cross-contamination possibilities while accessing specialised menu-items – Fear not anymore!! Virtually every Restaurant nowadays marks a special note next to items which are Gluten-Free: no need to feel left-out among your buddies munching on their flatbreads anymore. Also for seafood lovers;

  • Keep a check on fishes stuffed inside coatings,
  • Thickened soup bases using flour

And that’s it! Ready to step out and dine confidently without ever questioning if food is safe whilst staying vigilant with minimal risk-factor against consuming the enemy,..Yes we gotcha buddy!

I hope this article proved insightful into what kinds of foods fit into the Gluten-Free Category; A happy tummy leads to an even better mood ultimately 🙂

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