What food safety practice can prevent cross contact?

Food safety is not a laughing matter, except when it comes to preventing cross contact in the kitchen. It’s a serious issue that can lead to foodborne illness and ruin your meal. So, what is cross contact? It’s the transfer of an allergen from one food to another, usually through shared equipment or surfaces during preparation. Fortunately, there are some hilarious ways to prevent this from happening.

Choose Your Equipment Wisely

When using equipment in the kitchen, be sure you’re picking your partners wisely! Make sure that all utensils, cutting boards and other kitchen items used for different foods are clearly labeled with which type of food they should be used for. Be aware of any potential dangers that may come along during cooking such as accidental mess ups keeping pets too close etc…

Wash Yourself Regularly

Next up on our list might seem really simple but we cannot stress enough how important hygiene is when making sure contamination does not occur: hygiene! Like Sheldon Cooper would say “personal grooming products aren’t just fun dips I like sharing” Well…at least he has a point- regular hand washing best practices and avoiding touching the face while handling have proven effective!

Color Coding Everything

This step involves making everything look cool Colored utensils & cutting boards ! Allergen-free designs used only with certain kibd so no chance exists for it mingling around accidentally . This will also help others know where things should go quickly even if they don’t read quotes directly!

Store Items Properly

Whether you store proteins in hot/cold sections needs precision .How many times have leftovers been left at room temperature overnight? Who knows?! To keep everyone guessing happy , make sure that items are properly stored after use according to their own requirements as some kind always need more heat than others .

Use Containers With Lids

Using containers with lids will prevent spills and keep your food fresh. They also make it easier to stack them in the fridge or freezer. Plus, they act as handy elements that distinguish what item goes for lidded container and what does not

Wrap It Up

Get wraps out there & seal adequately . Keep your food secure with wraps! This helps to protect against contamination from other foods and bacteria, while locking in flavor.

Cook Your Food Properly

While cooking improves taste , it can be very harmful if allergens are involved! It’s important to cook all foods at their correct temperatures according to easy recipes available online without haste/laziness . This ensures that any potential bacteria or microorganisms would have no chance of surviving!

Use Cooking Gloves

Wearing gloves is an effective way of avoiding contact between hands (which usually carry germs) when preparing meals You don’t wanna take chances especially when some spice transfer could ruin a meal ! Hence , wearing gloves minimizes risk associated with cross-contamination .

Special Paragraph: Those Sneaky Allergens

Allergen particles Can you believe how sneaky those things can get ? Sometimes getting into places they shouldn’t be through hidden bread crumbs left on surface which cross over destinations leading towards possible allergy reaction.In fact sometimes people start sweating away uncontrollably because their soup was actually made where wheat rolls were being prepared.What utter confusion isn’t it? Now for the funny aspect blaming others instead comes in play here.

Always Be Ready With An Excuse

“Well, I didn’t know there was flour on this plate!” That won’t fly when trying to avoid blame after swallowing something one wishes he/she hadn’t… So let’s try cool power like : “Oh,you see my neighbor has been painting his house and he used so much powdery white color” thereby unknowingly excusing oneself before things escalate beyond containment

## Conclusion
Are you on a mission to create an allergen-free meal? Then these hilarious and effective tips will help prevent cross contact in the kitchen, while making it even more fun! So what are you waiting for – go out there & eat safelyyyy 🙂

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