What essential oil will lower blood pressure?

Are you tired of taking pills to lower your blood pressure? Are you looking for a more natural solution? Look no further because we have everything you need to know about essential oils and how they can help lower your blood pressure.

Before diving in, let’s talk about what essential oils are all about.

Essential Oils 101

Essential oils are concentrated extracts taken from different parts of plants such as leaves, flowers, stems, and roots. They contain the plant’s aromatic essence giving them various therapeutic properties ranging from antifungal to anti-inflammatory effects.

Contrary to popular belief, essential oils aren’t new age potions little witches concocted in their cauldrons at midnight. In fact, ancient civilizations like Egypt used essentials oils extensively during religious practices and as part of their medical remedies especially when treating ailments like high blood pressure.

Nowadays people have started incorporating these traditional herbal treatments into modern medicine thanks to documented scientific research showing how effective these natural alternatives can be.

What is High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic condition where there is increased force exerted by the walls of your arteries on your heart each time it beats which over time can lead to aneurysms or other serious health issues if left unchecked. If anything goes wrong with our cardiovascular system due to any reason one optical solution could also be an ECG Time-Voltmeter Machine easily available online these days helps diagnose early signs of cardiac arrest & arrhythmias.

A healthy reading should come around 120/80mmhg although this varies depending upon gender and age increasing not just our waistline but also cholesterol levels significantly contribute towards developing high BP .

People with minor cases may prefer using home remedies like warm baths or yoga while others seek prescriptive medications known amongst users as “The Big Three” (beta blockers/calcium channel blockers/diuretics). This method is reliable, but it comes with a caveat: The side effects. Symptoms like dizziness and nausea can last for months while taking medication which pushes people to switch to natural alternatives.

Essential Oils & Blood Pressure

Before we proceed any further, some disclaimers must be made clear.

Essential oils shouldn’t replace medical advice or prescriptive medications altogether unless otherwise advised by your doctors. They’re complementary methods at best. Secondly, ensure you’re using pure organic essential oils that don’t have added synthetic materials since they may damage the biochemical benefits provided by these plant extracts.

Citrus fruits in their raw form have proven time again how beneficial essential oils are against preventing high blood pressure, utilizing them on infected parts of one’s body provides an immediate sense of calm & relaxation reenergizing our mood hence providing relief from anxiety due to hypertension.

Furthermore, patients who utilized lavender oil had an average 7mmhg drop whilst those treated with placebo experienced only a minimum effect during clinical trials.

Here are other beneficial choices often recommended:

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense has been used since ancient times thanks to its calming properties making it significant when treating symptoms caused by heart disease and vascular issues resembling high blood pressure.

It contains Boswellia acids widely known to lower inflammation throughout the patient’s entire cardiovascular system reducing their chances of plaque build-up which encourages good circulation alongside lessening tension around vessels linked towards relaxing blood flow naturally within our bodies improving Cardiac health.

  • Try adding some drops under your tongue before bed or after meals for optimal absorption.
  • Diffuse frankincense within your living spaces.
  • Add diluted versions inside hot showers/bath water should you prefer topical range treatments instead?

Clary Sage

Clinical studies showed patients who received sandalwood based aromatherapy massages recovered faster than others who didn’t receive such services.

Clary sage has a high concentration of linalyl acetate, an ester which relaxes arteries throughout the body hence increasing circulation plus reducing stress levels.

Diffusing it within your office or home produces one sense of serenity and calmness because its aroma may resemble that often found in fancy spas.

Alternatively, add some drops to your favourite moisturizer for maximum effect.

Rosemary Oil

It’s no secret how People suffering from chronic conditions typically have prescription drugs readily available offering quick effects however they also suffer from harsh side effects.

Rosemary oil contains rosmarinic acid with powerful antioxidant action preventing hardening within blood vessels worsening heart diseases aligned with High BP symptoms. Furthermore:

  • Topical application onto scalp & hair improves oxygen supply towards the brain whilst decreasing cortisol hormone production responsible for causing hypertension inside our bodies.
  • Diffuse around living spaces mixed alongside other essential oils like lavender strawberry preparing natural healing remedies ranging from cold therapies through hot showers/baths!


This tropical yellow flower blooms all year round without wilting making it perfect amongst travel lovers who ‘d want to explore zero gravity!

Ylang-Yang lowers both psychological as well as physical pressure by reducing existing agitation symptoms whilst maintaining breathing rate which can sometimes slow down when under extreme pressure such as deadlines.

Once ingested orally a significant difference in systolic readings was attained significantly improving arterial dilation responses besides bringing about general relaxation benefits.


One interesting choice refreshing enough fragrance coming off patchouli eo makes it an easy pick between enhancing mood swings alleviating feelings only known to those seasoned veterans forced to deal wìth high BP

Cineole contained in these popular Asian herb’s leaves reduces inflammation helping control cholesterol deposition events occurring inside patients’ cardiovascular systems leading them rejuvenated sensations after consumption via Inhalation method particularly favored using wearable items but occasionally used topically instead;

More often applied directly onto wrists neck regions for that small aromatherapy boost one needs while working around the office or dressing up to head out!

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil, famous for its Zesty aroma, is rich in limonene and high elevations ensuring lowering tension levels within a patient’s entirety.

Diffuse into rooms throughout yoga sessions promoting mental calmness reducing anxiety occurring during hypertension episodes.

Alternatively try adding drops a Mason jar attached with hot water opening benefits tucked away by citric contents uplifting our mood overtime better tackling those difficult situations

In conclusion, essential oils are an effective natural alternative in controlling the blood pressure of hypertensive patients provided they receive doctor approval alongside prescribed doses. Finding what works best entails proper research since some choices might work differently towards other users.

Don’t hesitate to grab your favorite essential oils today and start enjoying their therapeutic benefits right from home!

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