What effects do energy drinks have on the body?

Energy drinks have become an essential part of our daily lives, especially for those who lead a busy life. Students, athletes or even office workers turn to energy drinks for that extra boost of concentration and energy when needed. But how do these caffeinated beverages actually affect our body? Are there any positive impacts, negative outcomes or long term effects? We’re going to explain everything you need to know about what energy drinks can do to your body.


Before diving into the details about the impact of energy drinks over our bodies, let’s first understand their composition.

Energy drinks usually contain caffeine along with taurine and other vitamins like B-12 in varying amounts. They also contain high levels of sugar which makes them taste so mouth-watering but dangerous at the same time. The amount of caffeine may vary between brands but can go up to 300 mg per serving which is more than the recommended limit suggested by health professionals.

Selling around $84 billion annually worldwide,energy drink companies market themselves as providing increased performance, alertness and reaction speed; however whilst certain individuals enjoy this buzz from consuming one too maybe two cans ,there are far-reaching neurophysiological side-effects

The Positive Impacts Of Energy Drinks On Our Body

Here are some benefits associated with drinking limited quantities(1)of energetic beverages:

Boosts Alertness And Concentration For A Short Term

The primary active ingredient in mostenergy drinksthe consumption provides an immediate increase in alertness(b), higher concentration levels(f). This then leads to better brain functioning such as improved memory recall(g) thus increasing cognitive skills(c)

Increased Athletic Performance

Caffeine found within these energy filled substances has been proven(yet only temporarily)f(s,j) effective for exercise endurance(d), therefore very popular among sports athletes where a momentary boost of energy may be required to achieve that extra muscle flex.

In the grand scheme of things, it should be noted that such short-term effects do not last indefinitely and regular consumption(h), like many other quick fixes lead to an addiction in terms of diminishing returns on a long term basis.

The Negative Impacts Of Energy Drinks On Our Body

Regular consumption can also affect your body negatively by causing a series of side-effects:


The sugar level present in these drinks might seem low compared to solid junk food options, but they overall contribute enormously(k)to one’s daily calorie intake. Whilst caffeinedesiring consumersmay feel incredibly alert; dehydration effects(f), especially when considering high-temperature climates (a unique foe for military operations) leads extreme discomfort thus affecting performance i.e., decreases lung capacity(v)

Insomnia(Mostly when taken close to bedtime)

One particularly dangerous effectof consuming caffeine at night is disrupting sleeping patterns. Falling asleep consequently becomes more difficult which potentially can affect concentration levels throughout the daytime(q)

Other potential health hazards(just some possible suggestions):

i. Heart Attack and Blood Pressure(Tayrona) problems[1] [2]

ii .Restlessness,iirritability or agitation

iii.Type 2 diabetes since added sugars found within energy drinks makesdevelrops insulin insensitivity(u).

iv.Disintegration/ eroding dental enamel due sweet acidic content(p).

v.Stomach upsets(p)-(dyspepsia, nausea,d jitters etc)

vi.Developments contributing increased cases Cardiovascular complication(m); those with underlying heart conditions are advised against indulging regularly).

Energy drinks provide you with a temporary solution for tackling fatigue but come along with severe risks if consumed excessively over time(d). Though certain ingredients deliver quite beneficial advantages, parents need to warn their children about excessive usage as well as enjoyers having an awareness to regularly take breaks, and wiser consumption schedules. Drinking too many energy drinks can negatively affect one’s health with long-standing effects taking an extended period of time ranging from mild issues( such as hyperacidity) to life-threatening concerns (like heart complications), so keep away from drinking numerous cans per day!

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