What drugs interact with voltaren?

Are you an avid user of Voltaren? Perhaps it’s time for a quick reminder that certain drugs don’t mingle with this miracle pain-relieving cream. Don’t worry, in this comprehensive guide; we will take you through everything you need to know about the drugs that interact with Voltaren.

But First, What is Voltaren?

Before diving into the details of drug interactions associated with Voltaren, let’s understand what this medication entails. Voltaren (diclofenac) is classified under nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which are typically used to relieve pain and inflammation symptoms such as moderate level arthritis joint pains and muscle sprains caused by sports or any other physical activities. This ointment can be either applied directly onto your skin or ingested orally in the form of pills.

Over the past decade, people who experience body pains have relied on voltarens’ effectiveness compared to wildly prescribed traditional NSAIDs like aspirin when it comes to treating high-level discomfort from diverse mannerisms varying from simple headaches or sore necks all though too serious arthritic inflammation!

Common Drugs That Can Cause Adverse Reactions When Used Alongside Voltaren

If one was unaware of these drug interactions’ chances while using their prescription along-side voltarens irritation could escalate quickly! Below I breakdown common over-the-counter medicines & prescriptions that should not involve taking them while medicating yourself with voltarol:


Although both medications operate similarly by reducing inflammations and assisting ease minor revelries within our bones, utilizing two various varieties simultaneously may damage our system/bodies altogether leading us down hazardous pathways towards dismal rather than healing processes. Besides, clopidogrel + warfarin users ought also end up avoiding combining treatments since they increase peel/peeling possibility hence bodily bleeding/vulgar side effects


Corticosteroid cream/pills/ointment entirely limit/inhibit the body’s capacity to heal inflammation due to compromising our immune system’s natural response towards infections/diseases which means using corticosteroids and voltarens at simultaneously could escalate severe side effects.


People undergoing anticoagulant therapy, such as Warfarin increasing their likelihood for bleeding since Voltaren can adversely affect clotting time reducing platelet count! Because of this, an individual needs a more efficient dosage adaption while taking both medications concurrently.


Methotrexate is commonly used to eradicate cancer or various autoimmune-related diseases. However, exclusively applying it alongside voltarol chances one disrupting overall kidney function by inducing abnormal functioning purifying ability causing susceptible patients lethal complications such as renal failure plus interrupted immunity function affecting multiple organs across our bodies – hindering routine/everyday activities!


Time proved therapeutic in recent years due to its effectiveness implementing arthritis joint pain alleviation methods Hemp plant derivative CBD oil, has users legitimately wondering will cbd interact with topical treatments similar too voltarols gel application techniques?

Fortunately, limited access regarding detailed research evaluations signifies existing research has not encountered any significant impedances caused via combining these two healing properties together encompassing; although some may experience mild levels of lacentio reactions such as itchiness/sensitivity irritation compared too expected levels whereupon only receiving standard medicating procedures without adding extra ingredients inclusive inside your daily routines when treating recreational & medication purposes

Foods That Don’t Mix With Voltaren

Although you might not consider it frequently in connection with food-catering discussions, we are here today explaining why certain foods don’t blend effectively along with diclofenac. At outlined below;

  1. Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
    This non-NSAID over-the-counter drug contradicts voltaren medication protocols; simultaneously using/acquiring these two medications during the same time leads to complications like liver damage
  2. Caffeine (Coffee)
    Caffeine too, accelerates our body’s absorption capacity regarding medications taken at that point in time potentially leading into unexpected side effects or overdosed intake through excessive caffeine consumption.


To prevent oneself from compounding circumstances arising out of attempting/combining Voltarens prescribed usage with various other medicines/vitamins/supplements/consumables, comprehending which drugs don’t pair effectively is crucial. Practice responsibility/knowledgeable enough to ensure enhanced results and knowledgable understandings whilst medicating yourself regularly – reduce risks by elucidating your healthcare professional before considering involving newer regiments or unprecedented healing methodology tactics – remember, it always better safe than sorry!

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