What does zinc do for hair?

Hair has always been a statement of beauty for both men and women. Billions are spent annually on hair care products globally, trying to achieve that perfect crown of glory. However, one nutrient found in many foods – zinc – can help grow stronger, healthier and shinier hair. No doubt you’re wondering: what is zinc, how does it benefit hair growth, where do I find it? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

In the Beginning…

Zinc is an essential mineral trace element required by every cell in our bodies to function properly. It plays various roles like aiding wound healing processes, boosting immunity defences preventing diarrhea among other benefits.

Did you know that about 2% of your body consists of Zinc? Yet interestingly enough a deficiency leads only to critical symptoms over time rest assured not all is lost if your dinner doesn’t include daily nutritional values.

What Are The Signs That My Body Lacks Zinc?

Symptoms equivalent lack thereof, anyone with characters below such measurements per day are likely candidates:
– Adult male (11 milligrams/day)
– Female(8 milligrams/day)

A lot depends on one’s lifestyle choices whether exercise patterns or heavy consumption of alcohol inhibiting kidneys from retaining ample amounts but typically said lacking signs take months before manifestation ranges from slow healing wounds skin roughness discolored spots flaking scalp brittle nails spicy food paste craving loss appetite fatigue increased colds frequency sores large freckles lines across dark circles around eyes headache dizziness nausea etc.

As odd as they all sound look no further than consuming more natural sources hereafter noted

Great Sources Of Zinc

According to health professionals indulging protein-enriched foods containing high levels can reverse consequential effects which translates into fewer visits to dermatologists:
Sources | Serving size | %Daily value/Recommended dietary allowance
chickpeas | 1 cup, canned |15.0%DV
oysters cooked|3oz|[474%,more concentrated than nose spray] to aid common cold
beef|3 oz.|7.9% DV|
pork |3 oz.|4.2%daily value

Here are more options for individual plant-based dieters:
– Green peas
– Lentils
– Cashew nuts
– Sesame seeds
(providing approximately 8mg/100 grams serving)

It is also necessary to note exceeding the recommended daily intake limit could lead to poisoning; causing further health issues.

How Zinc Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Hair growth means hair follicles production cycle, thanks in part to zinc’s boost in keratin production that forms hair strands essential for maintaining healthy & nourished mane including scalp skin as well:

Keratin Production Boost:

Keratins (not ketones!) form structural material within living things primarily found in our outer layer of tissue due to its fortifying formula when consumed simultaneously promotes cell division ensuring reproductive processes enzymes function properly skin/hairnail create a shield against external factors such as UV radiation This shields prevents damage and optimises our bodies shield towards slow deteriorating functions such as premature ageing.

In other words consuming these sources embody a filling hit of anti-ageing secrets nobody else has!

Immune System Support:

The Journal of Dermatology states Zinc acts on inflammation by regulating potent antimicrobial activity amongst potentially harmful bacteria especially the Malassezia yeast which ironically causes topical products white flakes following dandruff disorder mainly caused by sensitive oil producing glands full of bacterias one’s personal hygiene can’t rid off entirely without helpful minerals presence.

Combats DHT Formation(Alopecia):

Also noted vital regulation roles exist between steroids intermediates and nutrients mechanisms with influence over testosterone conversion involved excessive amounts resulting patterns commonly known as male baldness or women’s hair thinning. Zinc does help by limiting the formation of a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone(DHT) linking it to improvement in density of strands.

Fun Fact!

DHT is known to cause unwanted facial hair experienced in women also changes in battle scars meaning reduced odds towards development due less sensitivity as opposed using Eflornithine cream for prolonged periods currently available treatment option

The Verdict?

Ultimately, growing long, strong and beautiful locks require dedication rather than mere coincidence. Consuming more zinc-rich foods, partnered with exercise stress relief physical activity limitless potential ahead!

If you didn’t know about this hidden beauty secret before: that’s alright but now there’s no excuse – go forth and grow shiny hair while savoring some delicious cashews or oysters!