What does yoyo bitters do the body?

Yoyo bitters is a Nigerian herbal tonic made from various plants, roots, and herbs. It has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for various ailments. However, its effects on the body are not fully understood. This article explores what yoyo bitters do to the body.


Are you tired of all your health problems? Have you tried every medication under the sun with no success? Look no further than yoyo bitters! This magical potion will cure everything from acne to cancer!

Note: Please don’t actually believe any of that nonsense.

What is YOYO Bitter?

Yoyo bitters are a type of herbal concoction that has been in use in Nigeria since time immemorial. The mixture contains alcohol extracted from African Oil bean seed (Pentaclethra Macrophylla), water extracts gotten from medicinal plants like Uvaria chamae P., Guiera senegalensis, Andrographis paniculata Nees and corresponding concentration of salts resulting in salty solution.

The traditional method involved soaking plant parts such as bark, leaves or fruits into ethanol then filtered out through silk materials and mixed with other additives before being sold commercially as a purified liquid.

Chemical Composition

Under this section let us briefly discuss some notable properties found in yoyos bitter ingredients:
African oil bean: contains tocopherols which help protect against cardiovascular diseases1.
Uvaria chamae: Reported antimicrobial property[2]
Guiera senegalensis: Ethno botanist have suggested anti-malaria uses however limited studies exist towards confirming these claims although studies have concluded possiblity due to presence artemisinin-type sesquiterpene lactone compounds [3].
Andrographis paniculata Possible benefit aiding inflammation reduction through the presence of several compounds including andrographolide[4].

How Does Yoyo Bitters Affect the Body?

While yoyo bitters are touted as a cure-all potion, there is little scientific evidence to support such claims. However, certain ingredients in yoyo bitters have been studied for their potential health benefits.

Digestive System

Yoyo bitters contain herbal remedies that help improve digestion by promoting stomach acid secretion (Note some may say this impact could be negative when consumed on an empty stomach). The bitter taste of yoyo is due to the presence of Andrographis paniculata which stimulates the digestive juices resulting in less indigestion problems[5].

Asides improving digestion , several components found within the herbs used for production possess antibacterial properties. Uvaria chamae extract was proven efficient against Salmonella typhi bacteria at a concentration level below 250μg/ml[^2_research_article], while Guiera senegalensis were shown effective inhibters against Streptococcus mutans (a common pathogen involved in dental cavities)12.

Nervous System

Several published studies have concluded with medicinal plants like Andrographis paniculata positvely impacting mild depression and anxiety patients by reducing symptoms overall [6].
Further achieved through modulation dopamine effects inside brain cells3

Another study reviewed if theres any importance to its possible uses towards mitigating epilepsy incidents during occurrence via oral administration whereby it caused significant reduction effect on all major types occuring except myoclonic based type 7.

Immune System

The immune system component plays vital role strengthening protection being provided towards diseases ranging from mild coughs or small cuts right up serious illnesses occuring.
Ingredients found durnig production process possess strong osmicolytic properties which have been seen as key players in aiding immune response due to the way they target and eventually destroy pathogen cells.

Skin Care

Some consumers claim that yoyo bitters can help clear up acne, pimples and other minor skin infections. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, some ingredients found within its constituent possess antiseptic-like qualities which could help speed recovery (Tocopherol from African oil beans). Another posibility scencario stems researching Andrographis paniculata research 3.

A few practitioners may recommend usage of the herbs in production process towards management of jock itch based on their reported antimicrobial features through such uses like External washes.

Safety Precautions.

While there has been a relative absence of formalized medical guidelines dictating appropriate dosage intake for individuals consuming supplements like yoyo bitters, one should keep special caution when thoughts come to crossing prescribed dosages especially if actively engaged taking medications or having existing health conditions.
The ingestion of raw versions without certain processing methods widely recognized by particular herbal experts can be very dangerous as it potentially contains harmful addidtional substances besides these inherent during manufacturing originals 8


Yoyo bitters are a popular traditional medicine with many supposed benefits – some backed by science while others not quite so much. As with any supplement or medication one decides introducing into routine consumed product materials worth proper consultation before taking such initial step ahead: particularly your nearest healthcare providers.


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