What does wisdom tooth extraction cost?

Wisdom teeth are the ultimate body prank, like having a third nipple or just being born with naturally clumsy feet. They sit there, waiting for their chance to make your life miserable and then before you know it, BAM! Your mouth is full of pain.

But what about the cost? How much will it set you back?

We’ve done some digging and here’s everything you need to know about wisdom tooth extraction costs.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

If you aren’t familiar with wisdom teeth, let us enlighten you. These are basically an extra set of molars that typically emerge between the ages of 17-25 years old.

Most people have four wisdom teeth in total – two on top and two on bottom – But some people may only get one (lucky them) while others might end up getting none at all.

Why Get Them Removed?

It’s important to note that not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed but for those who experience overcrowding, infections or cysts related to these molars it’s advisable as they can lead to a host of complications including:

  1. Jaw stiffness
  2. Gum swelling
  3. Trouble opening mouth
  4. Infections

That said, if your teeth have emerged without any issues then lucky you because dental surgery can be quite taxing emotionally and financially.

What Does It Cost To Remove Them?

The reality is getting your tooth extracted isn’t exactly cheap’ unless money grows on trees where do you come from?

When estimating costs associated with oral surgeries such as removing problematic wisdom te{} we need consider various factors influencing expenditure:

Factors Influencing the Costs

There’re several factors which would determine how expensive ,or inexpensive extracting your pesky molars would be;

The severity/complexity-involves:

  • Size of the tooth /teeth to be extracted
  • The stage of eruption
  • Tooth positioning in your mouth (angled teeth may take longer and more technique for removal )
  • Any infections, abscesses etc.


Typically, costs are higher in urban areas or busy cities. For example, getting something done like cheaply extraction might prove expensive if you live around downtown Orlando (we heard)

Insurance Coverage

Your dental insurance policy will affect how much you pay out-of-pocket after your surgeon’s fee has been deducted.
If no coverage is available on this specific procedure then it’s going to cost an arm and a leg.

Chart Of Estimated Costs; By Type Of Extraction

Extraction typpe Average Cost Range
Simple Extractions $95 – $250 per cheeky molar
Impacted Removal $225 – 3k dolarrs! gulp
Surgical Extraction About $410 – $650

Note: These prices don’t include additional expenses that come with surgery like anaesthesia fees or x-rays.

How Much Will Anaesthesia Add To Your Bill?

For those of us who get nervous at nap time’ before important procedures ,you’d want some sedation’,”right?”There are various methods used to numb discomfort during oral surgeries including:

  1. Local anesthesia: Numbs tissue immediately surrounding where the tooth will be extracted ($75-$200).
  2. General Anesthesia: Usually delivering meds via IV which puts you into deep unconsciousness ($200-$500)
    3.Nitrous Oxide : Patented under a misnomer called “laughing gas” given through masks covering nose is administered during surgery($50 – $100)

Painful te{} aren’t exactly very reassuring so charges incurred can depend on choice of pain control.

What About X-Rays?

In order for your dentist/ oral surgeon to perform an extraction, it’s essential for them to have a clear idea of where all tooth roots may lie.

This is carried out by x-raying the area to give them an exact visualization.

X-rays can add up ,if you need multiple imaging but usually extra costs range from $20-$250.

A simple cost breakdown involving average fees payable:

Type Of Cost Average Fee
Tooth Exxtraction $150- little over $600
General Anesthesia Approximately; few hundreds dollars
Surgical Costs and Anaesthetist expenses total aboutin general $1000 – $3k+

What are Complications?

Complications that might arise with abscessed teeth or non-simple extractions could lead on surgical procedures like jaw reconstruction or even sinus-lifting within these prices mentioned before particularly:$1K -$3k+.

Peradventure complications do set in, going back for revisional surgery would also depend on if previous treatments were recently obtained since these redoes can accrue costs almost as high as getting your lousy molars removed initially (sorry!).

But everything put together still doesn’t mean this process has to be shrouded with fear because professionals ensure comfort throughout and their expertise should calm some initial jitters.

Is There Any Relief In Site?/Will Insurance Cover?

The Federal Government requires health insurers cover some oral surgical procedure under the Affordable Care Act depending upon which state one currently resides(if not elective cosmetic dentistry).

Checking ahead of time aside estimation damages puts you in stance of fully taking charge over negotiations .Discounts are often given during waiting periods as well.

Get those wisdom teeth checked now! Your pockets will recognise eventually … Or maybe just bleed less considering insurance coverage though sounds quite poetic at least compared to cringing through chomping food hurt.

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