What does video games do to you?

Has anyone ever told you that video games are bad for you? That they rot your brain and lead to a life of waste and despair?

Well, if they have, let me tell you something: they’re wrong.

In fact, video games might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. They can improve your mental health, sharpen your cognitive abilities, and even make you happier.

Here’s why:

Provides Cognitive Stimulation

When you play a video game, your brain is continually processing information in real-time. You’re making decisions on the fly, assessing different probabilities or formulating strategies for upcoming scenarios.

Video-games require hand-eye coordination as well as quick reflexes which provides great stimulation for one’s mind while also releasing endorphins; this helps players remain focused upon several things at once such as recognizing patterns when playing open-world games like Grand Theft Auto V (GTA).

This degree of cognitive exercise has been linked to increased grey matter inside key regions within the brain responsible for governing spatial orientation. It makes sense since when we’re gaming our minds are constantly visualizing new worlds and landscapes which results in better navigational skills outside of virtual environments.

So next time some obnoxious know-it-all tells gamers to grow up because doing hit-and-run vehicular activities isn’t real driving ask them where their obsession with Monopoly gets them.

Reduce Stress Level

Do not underestimate what blowing off steam can do! Life produces stress already enough without any added drama right? In addition,the very nature of so many popular games involves accomplishing tasks or achieving harder goals than ones done previously improves concentration levels leading us into forgeting about our anxieties . As said above it’s really important from mental point-view but today I’d like acknowledge how dope it feels!

Don’t believe me? Consider left4dead2, after a hard day,releasing your frustration by killing virtual ZOMBIES can be pretty restorative experience.Plus,playing games with friends also contributes to this process.

Improve Multi-Tasking Skills

We live in an age where the ability to multi-task is necessary for success. Anyone who claims that they are good at doing more than one thing at once probably knows what they’re talking about.

However playing video-games helps you hone this very skill even more so! Can you imagine having quick decision-making skills under high pressure? With notable game titles such as Call of Duty and Halo players’ performance reflect an exponential rise on multitasking skills.

This enhances precision,determination and general problem-solving technique- all useful traits vital outside virtual environments.

At any rate,it doesn’t hurt to tell your boss or the person who next asks “so why should I press start?” it actually facilitaes top-of-the-line training in real-life scenarios!

Here some other ways video games can affect positively on health:

  • Decrease anxiety
  • Boost creativity
  • Increases socialization

One thing we haven’t addressed yet is timing; gaming just like anything else has its own restrictions that need maintained.We must learn how long something needs taking care of.Timing management perpetuates further learning if applied properly reflects akin results towards education too.Therefore everything done using control makes life easier

Video-gaming among youth is common these days; parents try limiting screen-time. But does monitoring means ‘no gaming’? Consistent monitoring only serves as a precaution against addiction or adverse effects.

In concluding note,I hope this article shines light upon new facts so that everyone understands not only it shouldn’t be disparaged but appreciated.Here’s the takeaway : Gaming isn’t terrible for us -it’s remarkable.Let’s embrace our Joysticks while we take over zombie lands,villainous empires,and connect with avid gamers worldwide.

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