What does too much serotonin feel like?

Perhaps you’ve heard that serotonin is the “feel-good” chemical in your brain. Well, that’s not entirely true; it regulates mood, appetite and sexual desire as well as helping with sleep and dreaming. But before we go any further, let me assure you: too much of a good thing can be bad.

You see, when there is an excess amount of this important neurotransmitter in our brains we are left feeling quite unlike ourselves – (not to mention anything but good) anxious yet elated or energetic yet exhausted – ​​it’s all just incredibly confusing!

So what does too much serotonin feel like? Here’s everything I’ve learned about this bizarre experience:

A Heads-Up

Having high levels of serotonin may be due to several factors including:

  • Medical conditions such as carcinoid syndrome
  • Insufficient metabolism in drugs which enhance energy production
  • Steroids
  • Anti-depressants overdose

Common symptoms resulting from excessive levels include:

  1. Dilated pupils.
  2. Confusion.
  3. High blood pressure.
  4. Rapid breathing rate (hyperventilation)
  5. Headaches.”

Anxiety That Drains You

What happens when anxiety collides with happiness? It results in a contradictory mixture where you’re enmeshed both ways – filled with worry while being unable to contain your excitement for events happening around you.

Your body weighs down heavily on your shoulders even though these periods where everything seems perfect should lift them up instead! Your muscles tense up right alongside pounding headaches leading to fatigue.

To sum it all up:imagine having really intense nerves but also feeling energetically wired at the same time.

Bruxism Blues

Serotonin has a significant role in regulating muscular activity.In case there’s an imbalance,you might find yourself grinding teeth throughout the day without even realizing it.This condition is known as “Bruxism” and it can be a result of hyper serotonin levels- chipping your teeth in the long run.

While we’re on the subject: when you sleep,bruxism can cause unbearable jaw pain due to grinding teeth throughout your slumber. Ouch!

Agitation Overwhelms

When there’s an excess of serotonin,it may give rise to agitation states.Do not be surprised if all of sudden,you become more impulsive than usual – this irritability manifests itself in various ways leading up to unexpected reactions.

Something that would previously have been brushed off emerges from nowhere provoking both annoyance and thoughts about how life’s unfairness seems rather directed at us personally!.Weird,sure-but blame it on high serotonin levels for causing these misguided feelings!.

Insomnia: The Never-Ending Saga

Several neurotransmitters regulate sleep including Serotonin.Insufficient nocturnal rest or staying awake despite feeling sleepy could,therefore,result from having excessive amounts.When overproduced,serotonin stimulates neural activity so much that insomnia arises in its wake which leaves you tired but unable to catch some peaceful Zzzz’s.

Here’s what it feels like:You spend most nights tossing around in bed thinking why counting sheep just never works even though everyone swears by them.

Hyperactivity x 10

Imagine yourself with uncontainable energy-for no reason,right outta nowhere.Hyperactivity might seem blissfuler ; However,this erratic carryover zeal isn’t always positively inclined!

Feeling exhausted after doing something as simple as climbing down the stairs because they were only a few flights sounds strange but real –happens due to high-energy exertions spent earlier leaving depleted reserves behind combined with nothing but excitable behaviour seeping through;and here are sore muscles tauntingly greeting us right afterward:D

It sounds pretty wacky,but when too much of a main neurotransmitter is dumped on inside they alter our emotions in different ways.For some people,that means a rush while for others it might feel dangerous.It’s important to understand that too much of anything can be harmful!

Sudden Heights, Then Lows

To have excessive amounts serotonin circulating around your system can trigger various hormones to release.With the heightened levels come disproportionate ecstasy which upends mood stability.

One minute you are incredible feeling ecstatic and on top of the world,yet shortly after overwhelmed with sadness,depression,and feelings of anxiousness or intense irritation.What an unpleasant ride, right?

Bars & Serotonin:Mood Boogying

Unfortunately when out having drinks,the very medicine prescribed by most physicians for depression could be doing more harm than good

While alcohol doesn’t directly stimulate excess serotonin release;it accentuates central nervous activities leading us into precarious situations –partying harder than we ought to.Before we know it,a night out turns sour!

Avoid Mixing Medicines: ‘Serotonin Syndrome’

Anti-depressants work by blocking receptor sites where these chemicals bind as opposedto completely “cutting off” their production from taking place.However concomitant administering several drugs simultaneously , in addition an surge in natural brain synthesising – coupled together,could cause Serotonin syndrome described below:

  • Sweating.
  • Diarrhea
  • Dilated pupils
  • Muscle rigidity.
  • Rapid Heartbeat rate.

Furthermore;in extreme cases,symptoms grow severe,resulting even seizures may result.So please bear this shockingly serious outcome-in mind folks..

Concluding Thoughts…Or Not? :
As individuals differ vastly,it makes sense any reaction triggered via high concentration variations would likewise not remain standardised.Serotonin has numerous implications besides its “feel-good” influence including gastrointestinal upkeep,bone metabolism,nervous systems etcetera..Please don’t forget that although surplus isn’t a healthy state;serotonin is essential!.

As with everything,maintaining balance satisfies your body’s needs without encapsulating both simple and complex reactions into one “rule set”.Thanks for reading – I hope it was educational,entertaining if nothing else.Do not forget to stay safe ;-).

Oh!and always keeping track of serotonin development? you just might end up catching the earliest signs before they worsen.