What does the prep pill look like?

If you’re wondering what the prep pill looks like, then congratulations, my friend! You’re taking an important step towards protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies. The prep pill is a highly effective medication that has been approved by the FDA for HIV-prevention. However, before we proceed any further, let’s make sure everyone understands what ‘Prep’ means here.

Understanding What Prep Means

Prep, in this case, does not mean prepping your meals or prepping your kids for school. We are talking about something way more exciting – Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis!

“Prophylaxis? Sounds like some disease!” Yes, it does sound funny but prophylaxis means “preventive treatment”.

So Pre-exposure prophylaxis refers to taking medication before you get infected with a virus or bacteria. In our situation, we are referring to taking medications before contracting HIV – pretty cool right?

Now that we’ve cleared that up let’s dive into discussing how to recognize these lifesaving pills when you see them.

What is The Prep Pill?

The Prep Pill commonly referred to as Truvada is composed of two active ingredients: emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate which work together at blocking the multiplication process of HIV viruses once inside one’s body after exposure which makes becoming HIV positive almost impossible.

Truvada was first introduced in 2004 by Gilead Sciences Inc., as an antiviral drug used against AIDS/HIV infections; later on became commercially available under licensing from different distribution companies across America thus increasing availability while reducing cost substantially -no wonder they say “many hands make light work”- .

How Does It Look Like?

Ah-ha! So now you want to find out how this magical pill looks like, right? Well, the tabs are not so different from other medicaments; rather straightforward.


The Prep Pill comes in a blue color (yes, just like the skies above) and has an oblong shape (resembling football but on a smaller scale).


The capsule is only 18mm by 9 mm which makes it very easy to swallow. It’s also skinny which means you won’t even feel it slip down your throat — for those who dread swallowing pills.

What Makes Truvada Different From Other ADHD Medications?

While some ADHD medications might be commonly mistaken for Truvada on first inspection due to their size or shape, do put into consideration that these drugs aren’t oral HIV prevention pills! ADHD medications have another job target altogether. So, when you visit your pharmacist always ensure to double-check what medication given out matches with what was prescribed – this one of our friendly safety tips-.

Since we’ve now nailed down its description let’s see how best one can utilize Truvada before sexual activity.

Your doctor should advise you on the most optimal dosage since everyone’s body structure varies: they may prescribe a daily intake of one-pill-a-day strategy or alternatively advice dosing schedules based around specific activities – i.e., if intercourse is planned ahead of time then taking two tablets several hours apart could also work well. However bear in mind that “more” here does not mean “better protection”, follow expert guidelines at all times.

Now pop-up your tab whole ’cause chewing/crushing/grinding it defeats the purpose as emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate require dissolving once ingested They provide adequate protection against STDs and HIV . Therefore take them at least two hours before having contact so they can spread throughout the bloodstream ensuring that the viruses are unable to activate inside you.

Your healthcare professional can also furnish more information on best practices for sexual safety beyond taking Prep like condom-use and how frequently one should revisit their doctor or get tested among other things.

What Side Effects Should I Expect?

Just like with any prescription medication, Truvada has its side effects which differ from person to person although almost everyone might experience a bit of gassiness here and there but all in all it is worth the full prevention package.

More serious side effects that could occur: Kidney problems especially if pre-existing conditions exist (high blood pressure or diabetes), development of very resistant strains of HIV infection due to drug resistance if prophylaxis measures not followed The saying – too much is poison- fits in so well Aside these, Truvada stays as a reliable partner when it comes to keeping away “unwanted users!”


So ladies and gentlemen, now that we’ve discussed precisely what prep means as pertaining specifically to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) particularly -HIV; Types of medications available -majorly focusing on truvada-, exactly how they look like plus some essential consumption guidelines be sure always first opt for Medical advice before delving into intricacies concerning your health which includes purchasing medicines. Stay safe out there!

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