What does the gastrointestinal system include?

Imagine the inside of your body. It’s warm, cozy and occasionally happens to be covered in nacho cheese. High five if you’re American. Now imagine it also holds a vast network of organs purpose-built for the latest foodie trend or just to keep you fueled all day long: yep that’s right, we’re talking about your gastrointestinal system.

You might think this system is just responsible for breaking down food but in reality it encompasses so much more than that; from ingesting your favorite brewski at happy hour with coworkers to keeping everything moving smoothly through our internal poop chute. Let’s dive headfirst into some fun facts on this biological wonder known as the gastro-whatnow?

Chewing The Fat on Mouth and Esophagus

Beginning at our mouth which acts like a command center letting everyone else know what good grub is coming their way. Your lips, teeth, tongue & cheek muscles work together perfectly by grinding up those frigid peas our mom gave us when we were kids and break them down into smaller substances. When everyone has done their part our saliva finishes off its job by making sure those carbs swim across that small puddle before they hit Bellytown.

Once you swallow? However, things are only going upwards! This little tunnel called esophagus takes over carrying out half-chewed gum pieces past various areas named lower esophageal sphincter (LES), upper esophageal sphincter (UES) while making friends with trachea en-route until arriving stomach-pool-party to unleash party havoc!

Stomach: Where Gastric Juices Roam Free!

Have you ever wondered why sometimes after eating spicy Indian curry gets churned in belly basics? Thank stomach acids which help feed bacteria while alcohol interrupts liver responsibilities throwing a riot causing indigestion nightmares. Gastric juices are the culprits that break down proteins into something called ‘chyme’ a nasty soupy mix that hurts our tummies after eating too much.

Small Intestine: Most Action-Packed Area

Welcome to the most action-packed area of all where majority magic happens! The small intestine is responsible for getting every possible bit of nutrient from everything we eat so that our little gladiators, i.e., immune system warriors get their daily dose. Gallbladder steps in and has a word with pancreatic enzymes then releases bile not only breaking fats but also helping out other digestive organs alone!

Recently researchers discovered an unexpected revelation – microbes existing in your small intestines stabilize nutrients by controlling how they release. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to live full lives or indulging in life-changing events like binge watching Law and Order SVU for 36 hours straight.

Large Intestine: Waste Management’s Final Destination

Once all good stuff has been harvested thanks to people working inside mystery factory now there’s just one task left – dispose off ones no longer required—this job lies with large gut station whose transit lasts between sixteen long agonizing hours marking longest goodbye between excretions right before being zapped out through rectum directly into Narnia.

This isn’t it; poop cycles have even had medical professionals scratching their heads because despite coming across things you probably haven’t eaten—the phantom missing puzzle pieces-don’t-jump-to-conclusions medical opinions point towards cells peeling off intestine walls as reason behind its formation. If this doesn’t sound gross enough than maybe try checking under bedsheets next time thinking about consumption choice while attending annual state-fair corn dog festival?

We hope you enjoyed delving deep (or shallow!) on some unique features of GI Tract—hopefully during this article somebody managed pick up few facts on exactly what constitutes our internal digestive tract. Whether it’s the noise sensation we get from snarling belly, gastric acid mixed causing serious indigestion or best of all pain-free experiences, know your insides anatomical terms and never feel out of place again when discussing with fellow health enthusiasts!

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