What does rem mean on fitbit sleep?

Are you a fit freak? If yes, then congrats! We are one of the healthy ones out there. The fitness gadgets have worked to our advantage in keeping up with our workout routine or just by tracking our general health.

One aspect that is traced using technology nowadays is sleep. Sounds fascinating right? You can now track your sleep patterns and identify any possible problem areas when it comes to sleep quality. There is nothing as splendid as knowing how much rest you got during last night’s snooze fest.

However, understanding what you see on the monitor may be quite complicated, especially if you are not an expert in human anatomy or simply not tech-savvy at all. In this piece of writing, we’ll take a look at one specific section – REM– which sometimes confuses people who use Fitbit devices.

Before we get started…

It’s worth noting that most wearable devices measure sleep through your body movements; hence accuracy levels vary among the different gadgets since they apply varying algorithms.

Fitbit measures both quantity and quality of your slumber based on three parameters: awake time/minutes (when users are alert), light/REM/deep stages (to gauge activity level) while asleep).

Now let’s delve deeper into FITBIT SLEEP :understanding REM

Understand Rem

We spend 25% of our sleeping time cycling between rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement(NREM). NREM makes up 75% whereas REM takes up approximately 25%.

Rapid Eye Movement Stage

The Human Anatomy describes REM stage where brain waves become quicker along with shallow breathing accompanied by quickened heart rate being closer to pattern observed during awakening periods than those experienced during relaxed lying down nerves.

At this point nerve cells responsible for memory consolidation grow connections leading individuals having moments of sudden discernment after waking from dreams.

This phase’s primary function is consolidation of memories, and research indicates that a decreased amount or no REM sleep leads to memory issues.

Non-Rapid Eye Movement

So what happens when we say NREM?

Well, NREM is the period between tucker under time and REM stage. This phase comprises light sleep (1st stage), deep sleep (2nd and 3rd stages) hence the description non-rapid eye movement since it lacks significant eye activity.

Nerves located in your cerebrum become less active during this phase leading to resuscitation of both physical body energy levels as well as neural capacity.

Thus there are individual beneficial impacts attributed to both REM & NREM phases for instance addressing issues such depression or pre-existing psychological issues likened to which can be experienced after absence beyond an appropriate limit.

Now let’s see how FITBIT tracks all these parameters

How Does Fitbit Track Sleep?

The Fitbit device has an accelerometer in their modules :grinning_face_with_sweat:. The red and green lights present on its base record heart rate variability thus tracing blood flow patterns through pulsing approximation.

Through a resultant combination data from built-in motion sensors alongside consistency measurements your gadget syncs with other biometric markings taken by tracker show summing up calories burned at specified paces cycling among others traces steps made throughout workouts save for monitored distances run using GPS tracking system forming synthesized updates upon synchronization of recorded data collected overtime previously regarding ones sleeping range akin.

This detailed account making up one’s sleeping pattern informs users potential trouble spots arising due external factors lifestyle changes like escalating caffeine intake before bed-time consumption liquor use otherwise new diet requirements planned surgery etc therefore enabling user act accordingly during time where most likely affected as pertains overall wellbeing inclusive clearing isolated constraints hampering healthy living goals simultaneously improving reduced stress innovative problem solving skills promoting quality functionality due mental clarity opened out within refreshed beginning day ahead compared previous patterns.

How to Interpret REM on Fitbit?

After understanding what Rem is all about and how FITBIT tracks sleep, the Fitbit usually shows quantity of time in each stage measured in minutes a factor summed up under REM-light-deep stages situated below total time summary.

Note: This Summary may differ relative to different devices available.

So when we talk about REM we refer to this as FAST SLEEP CYCLE

Typically it takes 90 mins for an adult human being consisting nine cycles with five of them dedicated to NREM while four belong to the extremely crucial Rapid Eye Movement with subsequent transitions taking place after approximately every single hour interval.

In case your tracker shows that you spent longer than expected durations (say over two hours) within the Fast Sleep Cycle, then there is good news; you must have had some fantastic dreams! However prolonged absense from light orb activities during ideally advisable time span indicates disruption responsible partly for decreased physical exercize potential absence mental alertness or sharp contrast cognitive abilities suitable overall easy functioning towards fulfillment of laid out days objectives so check those factors out whenever possible.

It’s also worth noting that research evidences indicate decrease amount no existence whatsoever leads memory related ailments therefore take note attempting protect optimal wellbeing lifestyle adjustments guided differently scoring boards demarcated range levels varying person person nevertheless including conscious efforts ensuring essential aspects such exercise balanced diet enough rest achieved maintained always better alternative compared alternative attributed non-compliance suing dormant period going past acceptable limits where required information should be sourced health professional qualified offer counsel same extent personal awareness observed


You can now track your sleep quality at the comfort of your home just by strapping on a fitness gadget like Fitbit. Understanding what any data represents helps increase motivation and improve our general wellbeing, which makes us feel even better about ourselves!

So keep tabs on Your Rapid Eye Movement phase alongside I’m sure other interesting facts learnt today thus reaching ultimate destination health enhancing day in-day out activities taking us closer achieving set goals thereby excellent way cultivating great mental clarity happiness ready take world therefore worth effort put!