What does quercetin do?

Are you tired of feeling like a wilted vegetable? Quercetin might just be what you need to start feeling like the vibrant fruit that you are. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at quercetin and find out everything it can do for your body.


Before we start digging deeper into the world of quercetin, let’s first figure out what it is. Quercetin is a type of flavonoid – not to be confused with some sort of superhero – which means it’s found in plants. It’s specifically in onions, tea, apples and berries among others (1). The flavonoid also has antioxidant properties that make it beneficial for human health.

Potential Benefits

Now that we know what quercetin is let’s get down to business: why should you care? Here are some ways quercetin could potentially benefit your body:

1. Boosts Immune System

Let’s face the facts: everyone wants their immune system working on full throttle so they don’t end up taking more sick days than Betty from Accounting. This is where our friend quercetin comes into play by stimulating white blood cell production and protecting skin cells against oxidative stress (2).

2. Acts as an Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation isn’t always bad but chronic inflammation sure does nothing good for our overall well-being (aside from making us cranky). Luckily when consumed or applied topically, Quercitin may combat inflammation before things spiral out of control (3).

3. Fights Free Radicals

We all love free things except one thing – free radicals! These annoying elements put unnecessary stress on our bodies leading to various diseases such as cancer, heart disease etc{cite}. Not to fret because Quer-que-teeee-YOU can help fight the good fight courtesy of it’s antioxidant properties! (4)

4. May Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Apart from your everyday diet while limiting sugar intake or increasing fibre content, there are other efforts to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar. In scientific studies conducted on animals, researchers observed that quercetin could act as an anti-diabetic by decreasing glucose production and elevating insulin release (5) {cite}.

5. Cardiovascular Health

Good news alert: quercetin might promote a healthier heart by lowering high blood pressure and therefore reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke or heart attack(6). Not too shabby for just one flavonoid!

Food Sources

Not everyone is interested in popping supplements like they’re candy so resorting to natural food sources may seem tame in comparison (or should we say querbear-some?). Here are some options:

Food Quercetin Content
Red onions About 30mg per medium sized onion
Apples Around 7mg/150 gram apple
Capers About .8 mg/cap
Black tea Contains about .2 -1g per cup

It’s also worth noting that cooking methods affect the amount retained (7).


If you’re feeling adventurous enough to take supplementation, Quer-along and let’s explore your options:

Capsules & Tablets

The most common form of supplement found in drugstores online comes either as tablets or capsules (which have varying amounts) depending on brand among other factors.


This caters more to people who love smoothies or adding extra-nutrition boosters into their meals throughout the day. It definitely helps keeping stomach upsets at bay because dosage be regulated according taste palate preference.

Topical Creams

Topical cream can be quite effective when taking medication for skin rashes, spider bites or itchy areas which require prompt care. 8

How to Use Supplements Safely

Before you start churning out drinks infused with quercetin powder like a mad scientist take heed;

  • Follow recommended dosage guidelines
  • Inform your doctor of consumption if undergoing surgery
  • Cease use immediately if any kind of adverse side effects occur (9).

REMEMBER: Jumping the gun on supplementation isn’t advised since everything comes with potential risk(s). Tread carefully and pay attention to body signals.


So what does quercetin do? The answer is a lot! From boosting immune system function, managing glucose regulation in our bodies as well as reducing inflammation plus radical damage not forgetting promoting heart health via lowering high blood pressure – Quer-rockstar-teeeeeen has proven itself helpful over the years.So go ahead and ad-dash some powders/ supplements/tablets to your meal but don’t forget that moderation is key (and regular vegetable intake too)!

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