What does oscillococcinum do?

In this article, we take a dive into the mysterious world of oscillococcinum. You may have heard about it, but do you know what it is or what it does? Well, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! In this piece, we’ll be looking at everything from what oscillo-what’s-it-called actually means to its benefits and side effects, so buckle up and let’s get started!

What Is Oscillococcinum?

First things first, let’s tackle probably the hardest thing about this product – how to say its name without stumbling over syllables or biting your tongue. Oscillococcinum (shortened sometimes as “oscillo”) comes from two parts: “oscillo” meaning “to oscillate” in Latin and “coccus,” which refers to round bacteria shape (including influenza). So effectively oscillococci should mean an oscillating/bacterial organism; however there is no bacterial species known by that name.

So what is it exactly? It’s marketed as a homeopathic medicine used for the treatment of flu-like symptoms such as fatigue or body aches. It most commonly comes in small white balls or pellets called globules infused with diluted duck liver and heart including strains of several bacterias founds on water birds’ guts.

But before all those feathers in your down comforter start ruffling thinking about ducks being liquidized and swallowed whole – don’t worry! The dilutions are astronomical- with nowhere close enough residual amount per pellet capable of causing any adverse reaction.

How Does Homeopathy Work Again?

Homeopathy takes low dosage principles believed based on ‘like cures like’, which presupposes a disease can be cured more efficiently using tiny amounts of substances that would ordinarily cause similar symptoms when administered at larger doses than required by experimental studies base under evidence-based medicine.

Homeopaths also claim to add a principle of dilution and vigorous shaking increasing the effectiveness under what is colloquially referred to (in non-medical jargon) as “potentizing” above 24C, known colloquially as Avogadro’s number- in basic terms, any substances diluted beyond that point should have below one molecule left of the original substance remaining.

Mind you, these principles are only concerned with philosophy or culture-based aspects of medicine whilst undergoing no scientific validation according to most modern doctors today – but hey – it can’t hurt right?

The Benefits Of Taking Oscillococcinum

If you’re feeling flu-like symptoms begin setting in, oscillo ;ight help alleviate some related effects. But how exactly does this quaint medicine achieve such coveted results?

Oscillococcinum contents most commonly boast of reducing those various annoying body aches and loosening up congestion without containing many active ingredients than would traditional medicines meant for similar purposes like ibuprofen or acetaminophen / alternative decongestant. However again there has been inadequate research on its efficacy against actual peer tested tested flu medication treatments we typically use at pharmacies.. In fact no evidence available supports an assertion that oscillococcinum can help cure COVID-19 contrary to frivolous sensationalism by some influencers who still peddle whatever they think will earn clicks nowadays!

So Why Take It At All Then?


…Firstly: If taken early enough; several lot users seem convinced it reduces both duration and severity levels within self reported symptom during everyday life using survey methods when properly documenting factual questions asked about side effects could get more clear understanding about overall subjective human factors.

But let’s be realistic here; some illnesses will just run their course over time regardless if we pop drugs like tic-tacs every hour! That said there haven’t yet been reports regarding deadly side effects, and the placebo effect could even provide a decent set of benefits to many aspirants seeking resovle their flu-like symptoms in spite of each new surface iteration too.

Line Of Evidence: Test Results

A meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology examined multiple relevant research trials claiming Oscillococcinum as “an effective treatment alternative for influenza and flu-like illnesses [relying on] lower costs than conventionally-prescribed antiviral medications.”

That being said they also stated: “There is insufficient evidence to confirm its efficacy, if any exists. More importantly how was optimal sample size met with additional testing necessary before drawing conclusions?”

To Sum It All Up: Buyer Beware!

Potential Side Effects Of Taking Oscillococcinum

As mentioned above there have been reports no significant safety concerns regarding oscillococcinum ; however this does not define an objective statement regarding its effectiveness once again… So you’ll want to keep these possible warnings near top-of-mind nonetheless.

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle pain

Additionally: Persons allergic or affected by Duck Liver/ Heart (certain variants are extracted mainly from ducks) ought never taste it out owing to the medicine’s potential risks under allergy response thanks towards inherent connections within avian protein / vial exposure. Other forms may exert lactose , glucose intolerances varying per individual as well – we all know our digestive systems can be unpredictable at times afterall!

Who Should Take Oscillococcinum?

Oscillo-can-you-not when taking into account who should actually go for it based on possible risks/rewards means usage here isn’t always cut-and-dried – but generally speaking:

Persons already administered most commonly available symptom treatments over-the-counter by local pharmacies benefit little from popping more pellets daily .

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers must consult medical practitioners before – we don’t want any surprises from our friends nesting away on those extremely complex structures in there.

Children below the age of 2, as advised by the product-makers and most health organisations like CDC.

Those with ducks- brought to you courtesy of a sensationalised blogosphere tout pushing it front-and-center worth avoiding deeply after adequate consultation is done.

In summary: If you’re still unsure about whether or not to take oscillococcinum, consult a doctor first.

Winding Up On Oscillo(?)

That’s all folks! Now you’ve got an idea what “oscillococcinum” means, where it comes from (duck guts), how it theoretically seeks aid against flu-like respiratory symptoms, its possible benefits / side-effects; who should(Not) use opting in preference for traditional medication/ herbal alternatives around flu/precursors (most people will really benefit more from antiflu symptom relief applications).

Remember though – We won’t tell that one can’t attempt help reducing crud circles…risks are low enough ..why not try something new?

All said and done if perchance next ill spell one finds themself fatigued beyond measure experiencing quintessential achey muscles often related with flus – perhaps give some quacky pellets a go? Who knows maybe they shall work!
Just don’t forget: duck liver != Fowl play! And neither does this type of alternative remedy displace necessary recovery steps including monitoring vital signs when dealing with any serious health risks

Stay Healthy Out There 😷💉🩺

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