What does nolvadex do?

Nolvadex is the generic name of Tamoxifen Citrate, a type of drug that is classified as a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) and originally formulated as treatment for some types of breast cancer in both men and women. It basically disrupts the action of estrogen in the body, which can easily go off the charts after anabolic steroid use.

Does Nolvadex cause weight gain? Gaining weight is a common complaint in people taking tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex®, Soltamox™). The side effect occurs in up to 9 percent of people taking the drug. However, even more people (up to 23 percent) reported experiencing weight loss with tamoxifen.

Is Nolvadex a controlled substance? Nolvadex is largely an uncontrolled substance in the vast majority of the world. In Canada and the United States in particular, it is a prescription-only product, but it is not a controlled substance and therefore legal or own, purchase, and possess – though it is not available over the counter here.

Why to use Nolvadex on cycle? Why Bodybuilders Use Nolvadex During a cycle, it can prevent the onset of certain estrogenic effects such as man boobs and water retention. As a PCT (post cycle therapy) agent, it suppresses estrogen production and gives the body a chance to start producing…

Can I use Nolvadex on cycle? Taking Nolvadex can actually reduce the muscle-building effects of strength training. Using Nolvadex during a steroid cycle may actually lessen muscle gains. While some believe that Nolvadex should be used during a steroid cycle, others feel that it should never be used as part of a cycle.