What does narcan look like?

Narcan is a life-saving drug that helps to reverse the effects of opioid overdose. It has been in use for many years and has saved countless lives. However, many people are still not familiar with what it looks like. In this article we will explore what Narcan looks like, its packaging, how to administer it and some fun facts about this magical drug.

So, What is Narcan?

First off- let’s just put our fancy pants on for a moment and get technical here: the scientific name for Narcan is ‘naloxone.’ This medication can be used in emergency situations where an individual might have overdosed from opioids such as heroin or painkillers like Oxycontin or Vicodin.

When administered correctly (and timely!), narcan has the ability to block the effects of opioids on the respiratory system – basically waking up your lungs so you can breathe again! Pretty nifty huh? Since an opioid overdose suppresses breathing, re-starting their breaths via naloxone injections save lives!

The Packaging

One cool thing about naloxone is that it comes packaged ready-to-use as either ampoules (vials) or prefilled nasal spray cartridges. Just picture little bullets filled with magic stardust.. err.. sorry – too weird? Basically, these ampoules should come pre-packaged with instructions inside guiding you through usage helping ensure user-friendliness if/when administering during stressful situations.

Another bonus feature: Nalaxne/vial colour-coding indicating dosage-specific strength which makes finding doses easier amidst cluttered medicine cabinets/crash carts at medical facilities!

Also worth noting, there’s different methods/benefits concerning storage; vials are best kept around 68-77 Fahrenheit while prefilled auto-injectors/prefilled nose dosages prefer 59-86 degrees fahrenheit.

How to Administer Narcan

Alright, so we’ve covered some of the basics about narcan – let’s talk about how to use it now. With a few tiny rules in mind, administering naloxone can be simple with practise!

Firstly, if you suspect an opioid overdose has occurred always call emergency services right away! Also ensure your own safety beforehand because anyone panicking isn’t helping out very much.

If you’ve got a hair trigger and are on edge they could either:

1) Overdose again after taking too quickly due to shaky hands
2) Get injured around panicked behaviour
3) Cause more harm than good due to impulsively administered doses

Once initial safety protocols have been put into place (you’ve dialed 911 and removed anything dangerous from the area), then you’ll need just pay close attention or instructions supplied inside packaging.

But wait, there’s more! Depending upon which type of injectable Narcan® was prescribed for you/your loved one dictates whether proper training is necessary before useage; BFFs also stand for ‘better family friend,’note this – do NOT hesitate to review instructional inserts when upcoming administration may save someone important in your life.

Patients suffering from overdoses benefit most from rapid-response methods over long-form dosing types like oral intake. Prepare inhaler by pulling off red cap until fluid bead is seen at top prior windup motion. Insert tip into one nostril delivering full contents by manually pressing plunger down.. THEN swap-over sides inserting into other nasal pathway followed up with allowing sufficient airflow via deep breathing post-swapsies!

Fun Facts About Narcan

We couldn’t resist adding these few tidbits of info that’ll help brighten up any dinner party conversation:
– Naloxone was initially developed as an alternative medication(option?) for getting patients limited breast milk backflow issues.
– There have been instances where even faithful service dogs suffering from accidental ingestion of opioids during work have received successful revival via Narcan.
– Narcan is not known to be addictive!
– You can’t overdose on naloxone because it only works when there are opioids present in your system!


In conclusion friends, narcan/nalaxone is an extraordinary medication especially with opioid overdose cases which occur regularly globally. This versatile drug comes package according to administered method and dosage strength helping ensure patient safety and confidence that they’re equipped to apply this medication should the need arise. By following proper instructions you can help save a life (or two) someday by providing someone who’s overdosing much-needed assistance -so don’t hesitate; get these lifesavers packed into your medicine cabinet today/tell your primary caregiver to do so& rest easy knowing everyone’s bases are covered!
Have faith in yourself warrior.. if no one else does 😉

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