What does laxative do?

Do you feel like you’ve eaten a whole cow, or maybe even two? Are you suffering from bloating, gas, and an overall sense of discomfort in your gut that makes you want to scream at the sight of food? Fear not my friend! You’re not alone in this – we all know that feeling when our stomachs seem fit to burst. Fortunately enough for us (and unfortunately enough for those around us), there’s such a thing as laxatives!

Laxatives are drugs or substances designed to encourage bowel movement by loosening stool or increasing its frequency. They come in various forms including pills, liquids, powders, enemas and suppositories – yes I said suppositories! Some may act rapidly while others have a more prolonged effect.

So what exactly happens once you take these miracle pooping pills?

Down the Hatch: Time-Activated Explosions

Once ingested orally (yes, popping it straight down with water), some types of laxatives react immediately whilst others require up to 12 hours before taking action.

  • Stimulant laxative: This type stimulates the muscles lining your intestines making them contract and thus getting things moving out faster because let’s be real nobody wants the long-drawn-out drama of constipation.
  • Bulk-forming agents: These contain fibre which helps absorb water into waste creating bulky stools that are easier to move therefore allowing easy passage through the “backdoor”.
  • Emollient/lubricant/stool softener: When hard lumps precede this medication indicates how excruciating going on with life will turn out rather than struggling exceptionally hard poop; hence soften it but do nothing else- perhaps add cramping too!
  • Hyperosmotic: Usually used when other medications fail since they work similarly as natural means but considerably stronger. Consequently, the cure could lead to dehydration.

Are you wondering “what exactly do they look like?” You’re probably hoping for some glamorous packaging here but it’s quite basic – no bling whatsoever! Depending on the type and dosage prescribed or if purchased over-the-counter, you might get tablets/capsules that are swallowed along with a large quantity of water. The taste is nothing better than gross!

Some laxative medications also allow administration through suppositories which will be absorbed rectally resulting in bowel movements within minutes (a rather uncomfortable few minutes if I may say so myself)

Now before we go any further into how effective these devil pills can be, let me warn you: excessive consumption of laxatives could cause more harm than good.

Keep Calm & Don’t Overdose

While using natural means to relieve constipation such as exercise, drinking lots of water, and including high fiber foods in our diets is a good way to start treating tight bowels lining your rectum;

Overusing stimulant laxative medication (aka thinking ‘why not pop two instead?’) has adverse effects such as making our bodies addicted/physically dependent on them; thus our system would fail without us continually taking them. It could stimulate more severe digestive issues- besides getting rid of waste – let’s hope this doesn’t cause yours truly whoopsie ‘diarrhoea’. Now imagine every time one eats something ‘heavy,’ they have diarrhea over their pants! Set gastrointestinal excitement loose whenever nature calls because constipating oneself with meds does decrease muscle functionality – causing chronic pain when defecating becomes an unpleasant repeat drama episode. Plus there ain’t anything cute about relying on medicine to use the toilet (said the friendly neighbourhood probiotics salesman).

Excessive use of bulk-forming agents may inhibit proper absorption by prohibiting key nutrients from being digested properly; Asphyxiates occur due to blocking the trachea by filling it with vomit, food or other objects. Emollients that people become fond of may cause potential contact dermatitis.

Okay now let’s be serious for a minute – please consult your physician before taking any form of medication and make sure you follow the right dosage prescribed to avoid doing more harm than good in the long run.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Laxatives?

Despite possible negative side effects when used excessively or taken abusively, there are benefits to using laxatives appropriately. Here are some:

  • Natural Bloating Relief: Consuming enough calories especially high fat meal increase bloating- not what we need our poor digestive system beyond being constipated already. To tackle this problem, it is necessary that patients take medications such as Lactulose Syrup (only upon doctor’s recommendation) which helps enhance bowel movement.
  • Ease Period Symptoms: It works best for constipation during menstruation since swelling happens down there- causing difficulty in waste excretion (you get my drift). Medications like Bisacodyl offer relief from these cramps and related issues.
  • Weight Control: When you’re trying to lose weight fast & safe without starving yourself resulting in yo-yo effect once dieting over considering fiber-filled dietary supplements can help accelerate one’s metabolism rate thereby aiding weight loss.

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The bottom line (pun intended): Laxatives were designed with you in mind but catch my drift before popping those life-changing yet unwanted pills: As always consult your physician before taking any form of medication even over-the-counter varieties (Adverse effects of which depends largely on quantity quality).

Natural way remedies such as; Increased water consumption; incorporation of more fibre-rich diets, regular exercise etc can prevent constipation from happening by making bowel movements at least twice-a-week become a habit thus reducing perennial GI problems that come alongside it.

But hey when need be always have your magic box laying somewhere within reach!

Well folks hope this informative article has been helpful – always remember good health is priceless!!