What does kava make you feel like?

Kava, a traditional beverage from the South Pacific, has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is consumed for its relaxing and calming effects. Many people are curious about what it feels like to drink kava. Some describe it as being similar to alcohol or marijuana, but without the negative side effects.

So what exactly does kava make you feel like? Let’s dive into the world of kava and find out!


Before we get into the effects of drinking kava, let’s briefly discuss what it actually is. Kava is made from the root of a plant called Piper methysticum which grows in islands throughout Oceania.

The root is traditionally ground down and mixed with water to create a muddy brown liquid that is then consumed for its sedative properties. The active ingredients in kava are called kavalactones which interact with our brain receptors to produce a relaxed state.

Now that we have some background information on what Kava is let’s explore how makes us feel after consuming this traditional South Pacific ceremonial beverage.

Immediate Effects

After taking your very first sip of Kona’s mystical death potion ………..ok maybe not “death” ……but buckle up because things may start getting wicked quickly! Below are 5 common immediate effects any one may experience when taking their first big gulp o’buzz:

1) Numb Tongue: Your tongue will inevitably become numb/tingly within minutes after sipping yer brew…. This feeling isn’t due to allergic reactions or harmful toxins (save that talk for anti-Kavatics), quite simply put ‘if it ain’t burnin’, you can be learnin” ….the numbing sensations remind us that those productive phytochemicals in our favorite dilapidating drink have begun working their magic!

2) Mild Sedation: The “heady” feelings come on slowly and gradually as the kavalactones begin to take effect. This is a relaxed, peaceful and content state of mind that often occurs without any significant reduction in mental clarity.

3) Mental Clarity: Unlike alcohol or marijuana, kava does not impair cognitive function. In fact, many people report increased clarity and focus after drinking it.

4) Muscle Relaxation: Kava has a muscle relaxant properties/ it slows down central nervous system activity allowing your muscles (and nerves) to detach themselves from acuteness while being bathed with harmonious energy .

5)Euphoria : Once the mild sedation sets in the euphoric effects will come wash over you ~you may have an experience similar to floating on clouds~…These heighten feelings are just examples of an unperturbed spirit catching wind.

Long-Term Effects

While some people drink kava occasionally for its immediate effects, others use it more regularly for its long-term benefits:

1) Anxiety Relief: Studies show that kava can reduce symptoms of anxiety by 60 percent which may produce even better outcomes than prescription drugs like benzodiazepines or diazepam……..

2)Better Sleep Quality

……By getting rid of all those nagging thoughts swirling around in your noggin’, ur body becomes calm enough so that you’re finally able slip into a deep sleep quickly . The stress-relieving compounds found in this special brew are what makes shut-eye time easier (@ least until morning!)

3)Pain Reduction
Kavas anti-inflammatory chemicals mixed with analgesics create great pain-reducing therapy without all nasty side-effects.

Overall Experience

So now that we know about both short-and-long term effects let’s look at everything collectively. After taking Kona’s ceremonial ‘kool-aid’ aka:‘Groove Juice’; one will feel “blissful tranquility” all throughout the body while retaining one’s own critical mental faculties.

It’s a wonderful feeling that can’t be replicated by anything else on this planet! Gravity and muscular tension will feel nullified, resulting in total relaxation.

As you sit amongst your tribe of friends or fellow kava enthusiasts […] encompassed with good times…a smile creeps up to any willing soul ~caused partly by mood enhancement thanks to the aforementioned euphoria~ but primarily caused due to the release of pent-up physical and emotional stresses – it is undeniably an otherworldly feeling. This exotic beverage leaves behind any residual anxiety or nervousness clouds once initial unease subsides.


Kava makes you feel relaxed, calm, content, and at ease both emotionally for short-term purposes and physiologically long term usage (when consumed under doctor’s recommendations). As always how much potency affects people may vary-> when enjoying kava try several different types( i.e. lateral roots vs stump), keep note ‘if its Dom’, eat something before consuming (thus preventing dizziness/scalp tingling)…Cheers (or Bula!)

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