What does it mean when your poop is very green?

Have you ever looked into the toilet bowl after “doing your business” and noticed that your poop was a shade of green that would make Kermit the Frog jealous? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people have experienced this phenomenon at least once in their lives, and it can be alarming. However, before you panic and call 911, let’s take a closer look at what causes green poop.

The Lowdown on Poop

Before we dive into the reasons why your poop may be green, let’s talk about what exactly poop is. Poop, also known as stool or feces (if you want to sound fancy), is essentially waste material that exits your body through the rectum and anus. Grossed out already? Well, unfortunately for all of us humans (and animals too!), pooping is an important bodily function that allows us to eliminate unwanted waste products from our bodies.

Why Is My Poop Brown?

You may be wondering why most poops are brown when they start off as different colors in our digestive tract. This happens because bile produced by the liver travels down into the small intestine where it helps break down fats from food we eat. Bile has a yellow-green hue until it gets mixed with other enzymes and bacteria in our guts which ultimately leads to its brown coloration (Told you there were going to be uncommon terms).

But enough about boring old brown poo – let’s get back to why yours might be showing up bright green!

Causes of Green Poop

There are several factors which could cause someone’s bowel movement suddenly changing color from its usual appearance:


Eating certain foods can turn anyone’s “deuces” a brighter color than normal – even more-so if taken frequently over time. For example: consuming dark leafy vegetables such as spinach-style greens, kale or even green food dyes (often found in processed foods). And, hey – let’s not forget the humble and beloved Gummy Bear too!


Some medications or supplements can turn your poop a different color than brown. For example: consuming iron-based medication can cause stool to appear dark greenish-black in color(FYI- Not a fun experience if you have relied on baby wipes so far).

Digestive Imbalance

The digestive system is complex; an imbalance of gut bacteria due to diarrhea caused by stomach bugs or celiac disease could affect meals’ process, leading them to pass through faster than usual. This may shorten the time that bile has had as it travels through one’s gastrointestinal tract before exiting from their bottom side.

How Concerned Should You Be?

We know how important bowel movements are for various reasons such as our health illnesses/conditions which go undetected but also exist beyond physical symptoms like anxiety/stress levels affecting people’s poop quality – therefore frequent changes typically aren’t something to worry about. However…When there are other health issues involved with your overall digestion and absorption capabilities of nutrients makes it worth speaking seeing Doctor who will help determine whether further investigations such as blood work will be required.

Note:The above information was merely meant for informative purposes only! We’re using humor gimmick meaning – ‘You’re still alive until proven deceased’.

Takeaway – What You Need To Remember at The Moment

Having green poop every once in a while isn’t usually too concerning. Changes in diet can easily change up what comes out when we visit the loo, however you should always pay attention if any strange occurances persist over an extended period (Like more thaannn twice!?) It is best practice to consult with medical professionals for opinion on issues that raise concern over prolonged periods. Now go crush some greens…and maybe stay away from those Gummy Bears while your at it!

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