What does it mean when your hands always shake?

Shaking hands are not only reserved for politicians at official events, but some people find themselves dealing with this involuntary action on the daily. You may have noticed that your hands tremble when you’re holding something or performing a task that requires concentration. If you’re wondering why your hands always shake, don’t worry, because we’ve got all the juicy details.

Never-ending Nerves

The nerves in our body communicate with one another to make movement possible. Even subtle movements trigger small electrical impulses to travel from the brain down through your spinal cord and into every muscle fiber in your body. Thus if these messages are getting distorted, it leads to trembling of muscles – including those in palms.

For starters, Essential tremors occurs in people above 40 years old And has no known cause and is just as random as National Arbitrary Day of October (19th). This usually comes accompanied by shaking in other regions like the legs and head except this time around Marilyn Monroe had nothing to do with it.

One thing’s for sure; anxious moments can often encourage shaky mitts similar to standing naked while giving an important presentation! Speaking of which…

It’s OK To Get A Little Excited

If a big day lies ahead – let’s say ‘an exciting job interview’, encountering someone interesting who singles out at Bella Italia randomly or when having the opportunity be interviewed by Stephen Colbert thereafter again… All extremely plausible reasons for gettin’ elbow deep shakes going on!

Which means “tremors” is also applicable here too although different causes/effects occur since personal experiences weigh heavily.

– Coffee lovers take note: over caffeination produces excess adrenaline thereby resulting In bursts of undulating excitement.
– Exercising releases endorphins & kickstarts metabolism hence sweating becomes involuntary.. Similarly So does losing control over the body as we obsessively spend longer minutes on that ‘Elliptical Monkey’.
– Post-workout adrenaline spikes are common given your naturally checking-sweaty palms which can be increased when notified of zombies lurking in background photos.

Seriously, though, it could be all psychological and a result of anxiety disorder or phobias too! It’s believed that one in three people will experience severe anxiety trembling symptoms.

Medical Reasons And Causes

In other cases where shaking persists without reason or lies dormant causing unwanted external stares from neighbouring tables during dinner parties – this might indicate an underlying medical condition(s). Below outlines possible root causes for persistent shakiness:

Parkinson’s Disease

Most people know Parkinson’s disease affects mobility due to tremors commonly experienced by sufferers; however, this is just one minor symptom compared to the grandiose picture. Those with Parkinsonism suffer from Rigidity and Brachykinesia (Term used to describe slowing down of movement) along side Tremors. This degenerative brain disease also has genetic associations thus may lead many onto healthy lifestyle choices such as:

Foods To Incorporate Foods To Avoid
Berries (high anti-oxidants) Canned foods
Greens (Vitamin K) White bread/Pasta/Rice
Omega 3 rich fish Processed meats

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis leaves behind neurological deficits after successful completion of mission impossible – recognition re-do for James Bond movies.

MS interrupts communication between brain & spinal cord leading to various involuntary actions like:

  • Shaking/trembling hands
  • Trouble keeping balance
  • Loss Of Coordination

Regular exercise balanced diets alongside medication guided routines have been noted resolve strong support towards reversing worse case scenarios/effects caused by MS.

Drug-and alcohol dependency

There’s not much to say on this matter, only that people have battled them as setbacks for reasons ranging from trauma, winding road of addiction either occasional/overuse of medications. The science lesson learned here is the potential use or taking prescribed drugs/alcohol can lead to trembling effects mostly when taken in high quantity.

Treatment Options

If you experience frequent trembling hands with possible factors outlined above – specific treatment options may help reduce tremors depending on magnitude and cause:

Increased Fluid Intake

Staying hydrated means keeping body electrolyte levels elevated which has a balancing effect on muscles essentially making sure those jitters don’t start popping up!

Stress Management Sessions

Given its close association With debilitating shaking diseases like Parkinson’s syndrome, stress management sessions could provide an effective route towards enhancing self-awareness regarding triggers – stress seems right at home by interfering pathways between ‘brain-body-nerves combination’ leading to shakes.


Medication offers temporary solutions if other avenues fail such as Propranolol – beta-blocker medication known for treating moderate-to-severe tremor cases.

Whatsmore if essential Tremor persists over predicted period medical specialists prescribe anti-anxiety drugs such as Diazepam alongside several others’

Finally, it’s best practice always making consulting visits with concerned health professionals; I know the leaning tower of Pisa staring back at you can be hard but resting assured inquiring into reason(s) why ”trembling” continues recommended.

Final Thoughts And Takeaways

While everyone experiences shaky hands now and then due to excitement/nerves/stressful situations intoxications…if these involuntary actions persist without necessarily aligning any detectable causes getting labelled ‘Essential Tremors’ can prove disruptive especially when affecting daily routines! Outside various treatments mentioned earlier; adjusting lifestyles choices/diet i.e incorporating physical activities maintainin adequate fluid intakes shows significant improvement…

So hold tight readers, and keep the tremors at bay. Remember to inhale – exhale deep as one may while holding up that chardonnay glass with both steady hands, cheers!