What does it mean if my hands shake?

Shaky hands are usually a sign of nervousness, but sometimes they can mean something more serious. There are many reasons why your hands might shake – from too much caffeine to Parkinson’s disease. In this article, we’ll take a humorous look at the possible causes and treatments available for shaky hands.

The Basics of Hand Tremors

Before diving into possible causes of hand tremors, let’s explore what they are. A hand tremor is an involuntary shaking or trembling movement in one or both hands that occur while doing daily activities such as writing, holding utensils, etc.

Hand tremors come under two different categories:

  1. Resting Tremors
  2. Action Tremors

Resting tremors are when you sit still without moving and notice that your fingers unintentionally move or bend.
Action tremors happen during daily activities like writing or lifting things where movements may become difficult due because the affected parts create unfavourable conditions which leads to shivering moments.

Why Are Your Hands Shaking?

There is no clear-cut answer when it comes to determining why your hands are shaking; there could be various plausible reasons.

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS)

The excessive consumption of alcohol may seem fun on weekends but long-term heavy use can lead to fluctuations in your body system hampering its natural response towards maintaining balance especially nerve functioning leading to AWS aka Alcohol withdrawal syndrome causing most tried-and-tested symptoms including hand shakes as well.

Essential Tremor

Essential tremor is a neurological condition characterized by shaking in the limbs particularly in arms affecting daily lives mainly used for everyday tasks like drinking water etc., which amounts from mild shivers portraying/indicating underlying cases ranging from genetic predispositions along with headbands diabetes amongst other factors contributing towards essential trembling action

Medication Side Effects

As odd as it seems medication regimes consisting of nerve calming yet depressant actions can cause unexpected incidents including tremors in extremities of some sorts which may sometimes constitute normal hormonal workings

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the central nervous system. One of the symptoms associated with this condition is trembling in hands along with shivering legs, unbalanced walking/reduced marked movements

Anxiety and Stress

If you feel apprehensive about something or get too worked up due to pressure at work/house events; it’s quite natural to experience/get involuntary hand shakes caused by anxiety/stress-related concerns.

Diagnosing Shaky Hands

Now that we have an understanding of what could be responsible for your shaky hands and know if you’re facing any such situations then referring towards certain doctors helped diagnose/shrink out what situation one might face after various tests.

Treatment Options

Treatment for shaking hands focuses mainly on reducing or relieving their symptoms rather than completely eradicating them from your life. Here are few suitable remedies:


Many medications used to treat nerve stimulation disorders like depression and anxiety, can help control most physical signs that include excessive hand tremors but consultation with a doctor regarding dosage should always remain top priority.


In individuals where other treatments prove ineffective, deep brain simulation (DBS) consisting inserting electrodes into brain regions influencing motor muscle control helps reduce potential tremors serving as long-lasting solutions.

Pros Cons
Tremor reduction Risky surgery
Minimal infection risk Deep Brain Stimulator Cost

This page included a playful take on the possible causes of shaky hands alongside treatment options availble for those who suffer from mild peripheral neuropathy induced effects.The rememedies mentioned offer alternative retorts based on individual choices so book an appointment today!

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