What does hyperthyroidism feel like?

Hyperthyroidism, a condition where your thyroid gland produces too much of the hormone thyroxine, can leave you feeling like your body is on overdrive. As someone who has dealt with this condition firsthand, I can tell you that it’s definitely not fun. From heart palpitations to unexpected weight loss and everything in between, hyperthyroidism leaves its mark on every aspect of your life.

In this article, we’ll explore what hyperthyroidism feels like from head-to-toe so that you know exactly what to expect if you’re ever diagnosed with this pesky hormonal issue.

The Basics of Hyperthyroidism

Before we dive into how hyperthyroidism feels (get ready for some truly TMI symptoms), let’s talk a bit about what actually causes this problem in the first place.

The thyroid gland plays an important role in regulating metabolism – essentially keeping everything in balance (which is pretty darn important when it comes to things like energy levels and maintaining a healthy weight.) However, sometimes our bodies produce more thyroxine than they need – leading to all sorts of unpleasant problems. This excess thyroxine speeds up various functions throughout the body (again…not always great) and can make people feel jittery or anxious as a result.

So now that you know a little about why hyperthyroidism happens (basically because Mother Nature loves throwing us curveballs) let’s jump into the meat (or should I say chicken?) of how it feels!

Symptoms By Body Part

Your Heart

First up? Let’s chat about heart palpitations – one symptom that many people experience early on with hyperthyroidism. You’ll suddenly find yourself very aware of the fact that there’s something beating away furiously inside your chest; it might even get so bad at times that simply walking around becomes tough.

Tip: if your heart starts racing for no apparent reason, it’s time to call the doc!

Your Hair and Skin

Okay folks – this one’s not pretty. But hyperthyroidism can sometimes lead to hair loss or thinning (cue sad music) as well as dry skin (not really something you want when you’re trying to turn heads like Beyoncé on the dance-floor).

Unfortunately, your nails probably won’t escape unscathed either (ouch).

Your Weight

Perhaps one of the most noticeable symptoms of hyperthyroidism is that people will often lose weight without even trying. Sounds kind of wild right? While we all want our clothes look amazing on us, this isn’t always the way to achieve it!

The Miscellany

How You’ll Feel Emotionally

Feeling anxious? Picked up a case of insomnia outta nowhere? I hate to break it to you my friend but emotions just might be running high because unfortunately both are common side-effects with an overactive thyroid.

Pro tip: If you’re feeling more stressed than usual, try taking some deep breaths or go hit a punching bag (exercise always helps!)

Bathroom Trips

All I’m gonna say about this topic is: be prepared for MORE bathroom runs than normal; diarrhea and/or loose stools seem unavoidable (yikes).

Note: Don’t panic! This symptom usually improves once treatment for your hyperthyroid kicks in

What It Feels Like To Be A Woman With Hyperthyroidism…

Ladies listen up! One gland ruining everything is bad enough…but did ya know that menstrual cycles may become irregular while dealing with hyperthyroid issues too?

Yep..you read correctly. Welcome yet another thing that adds insult to injury!


So there ya have it folks – how living with an overactive thyroid can leave you feeling like a completely different person. From heart palpitations to bathroom runs and everything in between, hyperthyroidism is an issue that definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms (and yeah it’s a lot to take in), make sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible – they’ll be able to advise on next steps and hopefully get you back on track again!