What does frankincense essential oil blend well with?

Frankincense essential oil is the bee’s knees of the essential oils world. It boasts a plethora of health benefits that are outta this world! From reducing stress to boosting immunity, frankincense is an absolute powerhouse.

But let’s face it; not all oils play well with each other. Some blends can be downright disastrous, making you smell like a train wreck instead of a goddess on earth!

To make sure your frankincense oil experience is off-the-charts fantastic, we’ve rounded up some great stuff that’ll blend magic in harmony with frank, so you always nail those Instagram-worthy aromas!

The Basics

Before we dive into which oils go best with frankincense, let’s go over some basics about using and blending essential oils.

Dilution Is Key

A lot of people think more is better when it comes to adding essential oil drops- but trust us; less isn’t just more-productive, it can save your respiratory system too! When combining frankincense or any essence for that matter remember dilution rates should be followed for topical applications typically 2% per volume unless advised by professional advice as neat application could cause skin irritation (ouch!).

Tailor To Your Needs

Just because something works doesn’t mean it suits everyone- you know what they say: one size does NOT fit all! Before rubbing together different essence combinations. Consider if inhaled will help from addressing allergies, anti-inflammatory solutions or tension around-work headaches? Remember there really exists no ‘universally perfect’ general-purpose blend.

Now onto our headlining event,

Plays Nice With Others Essential Oils

Whether you’re looking to customize your beauty routine or find ways to amplify your mood in scent form look no further -Here are highly recommended pairings:

1) Lavender Oil

Let me guess- you’re thinking “Oh don’t be basic!” But listen, it’s popular because it WORKS. Lavender is one of the most universally compatible essential oils out there, soothing many a’ soul along with frankincense Scentlovers say that lavender fragrance can help alleviate stress easing nervous tension/sleep-deprived evenings which in return helps restore balance.

Mixing 5 drops of each oil gives maximum benefits when rubbed on your neck -both for massages like an enchirito and aromatherapy diffusion as well.

2) Tea Tree Oil

This Australian native oil could easily go toe to toe with eucalyptus for an overbearing scent- yet they really have quite different uses. So trust me on this matchup its like sugar mixed with chili (a weird combination but hear us through!)

Because tea tree possesses some magical health properties-it pairs up remarkably with FRENK Frank as we call our dear buddy frankincense, in room sprays or thrown into lotions/oils mixtures few drops totaling three are excellent also helpful cleaning surface spray around the home or office by producing fresh, clean air into spaces where bacteria lingers!

3) Lemon Oil

Feeling wobbly before important meetings? Don’t fret! Lemon-blended alongside your trusted BFF Frank-adds energy and clarity both topically and diffused! A pair made heavenly together will leave you feeling uplifted thanks to refreshing pinene-related fragrances without disrupting other mixes y’all got going behind the scenes. If you’re anxious generally lemon amalgamated can give stability atop lofty thoughts from fusing crispness that means business level-headed at least!
4) Geranium Oil

If someone says floral macarons directly come to mind upon spotting geranium let’s clarify: besides savoring aromatic-edibles flowers…we should consider fewer tasty/fluffy-carefree sugary floral vibes. Geranium oil gives off an energizing vibe that pairs nicely with frank (ya know as we have already established) effortlessly in home-made perfumes combining 3 drops of geranium and Frank feels like day one at the beach! Unless you hate the hot sun rays but in that case pile-on SPF Factor kids stuff #80+

5) Sandalwood oil

It’s no secret sandalwood is a big deal for long-lasting earthly satisfaction when blended correctly; dropping some two to four drops alongside Frenk produces top-notch woodsy scent light enough not to overpower/long against exhaustion. When overworked, cranky or easily irritated by external pollution/dander? This combo offers relief.

Other Blends To Try

For those who prefer unexpected aromas combinations; fear not we have value-added suggestions as well:

  • Mint Oil: A blend anyone can’t refuse -all of us love strong sniff delights from this plant family whether breathless from flu-like-symptoms or feeling great. Combines brilliantly with our buddy, producing energy and invigoration!

  • Orange Oil: This pairing feels #funtastic for instance-waking up early on weekends might be hard- especially if doing mundane errands may seem increasing obligation than adventure yet adding orange juice scent making monotony more interesting through marmalade-like freshness will make life feel worth it.

It isn’t necessary always to follow set plans when blending oils experiences part enjoyment is trial/error mixtures developing personal preference-or-until getting what aura makes satisfying type perfectly matched mood!

And there you go, folks! That’s everything there is to know about which oils go with frankincense essential oil like buttered gems together- try digging into different blends because experimenting poses lively fun along discovering aromatic favorites taking control over smell being easier done than said!

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