What does fish oil pills do for your health?

Welcome fish lovers! Or should we say, fish oil pill swappers? Yes, that’s right, you read it correctly. It’s time to dive into the depths of fish oil supplements and discover what they can do for your health.

When we think of omega-3 fatty acids, our minds drift towards oily fish like salmon or sardines. But these beloved creatures have attracted a new player in town – fish oil pills. These supplements are packed with EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA(docosahexaenoic acid), which are healthier versions of their saturated fatty acid counterparts.

So without further ado, let’s explore what these tiny but mighty capsules bring to our tables.

The Essence of Fish Oil Pills

Fish oil is extracted from oily fishes such as herring, tuna or cod liver. This pale-yellow liquid is rich in polyunsaturated fats such as EPA and DHA that offer various benefits if consumed regularly through diet or supplements (1).

But who has got the time to eat grilled salmon every day? Not us busy humans! That’s where the magic happens – by consuming two-three pills daily; you get all those essential nutrients wrapped up nice and easy.

How Do They Work?

These healthy fats improve cell function throughout your body meaning better absorption rates which in turn lead to potential long-term effects on overall well-being (2).

For instance:

  • regulation of blood pressure
  • lowering down risk factors related to coronary heart disease
  • reducing mental decline

Apart from this magic trio mentioned above, studies show that having EPA & DHA content reduces joint stiffness + pain caused due to inflammation lasting longer than six weeks; thus leading them being ideal for arthritis patients ![1].

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Consuming fish oil pills doesn’t come without its shortcomings. Firstly, if you’re allergic to fish or suffer from severe liver disease, it’s best not to consume these supplements.

Moreover, taking large doses of DHA and EPA over a long period can lead to an increased risk of bleeding disorders (3). Hence people following blood-thinning medication (warfarin) should regulate their dosage as per the recommended guidelines by medical professionals.

How Do They Help You? Let Us Count The Ways…

An Onslaught on Inflammation

Remember that European cup where inflammation played the party-pooper for Ronaldo fans? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back with our Omega-3 superpowers!

Fish Oil Pills are packed up with high levels of EpA & DHA content inhibit pro-inflammatory molecules produced in every cell type ![2] which is ideal for those who suffer from chronic joint pain like arthritis ![1].

Wide-Ranging Improvements in Heart Health

There’s nothing better than having fancy meals full of omega-rich items like salmon but trust us when we say this – Fish oil capsules have significantly improved heart health markers (C-reactive protein), lowering triglyceride concentrations leading away all the jitters related to cardiovascular diseases! ![4]

This means lesser cardiac events such as sudden strokes under age 70 years

Scratching Off Multiple Skin Problems

No one wants skin woes spoil them away hence adding EPA into everyday diets acts like magic against acne flare-ups due to reduction in sebum production which essentially allows pores breathing time by decreasing impurities[5] giving lively radiance overall!

Say Hello To Happy Hormones:

Are you tired of coping up with mood swings?! Then stop waiting around and embrace our omega powers – Having taken two-three capsules daily brings about balanced hormonal moods . Scientists observed how consuming enough fish oils showed calmness throughout PMS times helping brain cells communicate freely. ‘!

Omega-3s Reduces The Risk of Eye Diseases

Living in the world of gadgets, we should all ensure eye health by taking care while working but don’t forget to add omega pills now & then – DHA is competent at preserving proper eyesight significantly reducing macular degeneration (6)


Well, there you have it! Fish oil supplements aren’t just a hassle-free alternative to eating fish; they bring along various benefits such as improving cardiovascular health ![4], dulling cognitive decline and also help alleviate skin issues(5). By adding these magic bullets into your diets, you’re giving yourself an overall boost for leading life towards wellness.

So head out there and get those small but mighty supplements that pack a punch with EpA & DHA content today!

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