What does emu oil do for the skin?

Are you tired of trying every product in the market and still not seeing any results on your skin? Well, fret no more as we present to you the age-old mystery oil that has left everyone in awe – Emu Oil! Yes, you read it right. Derived from emus, these flightless birds native to Australia give us something even better than a scrambled egg breakfast. So buckle up and get ready because we are going deep into the world of Emu oil and how it can benefit our skin.

What is Emu Oil?

Before diving into this whacky wonder oil’s benefits, let us first understand what emu oil is. It is derived naturally from the fatty tissues of an Australian bird known as the emu (not to be confused with Ewoks!). Centuries ago, indigenous Australians discovered its healing properties which include anti-inflammatory properties that help with various health issues such as arthritis pain relief or wound recovery when applied topically.

Emus lead a nomadic lifestyle and store fats underneath their skin (only during winter months) to sustain them over long periods without food – just like how some people tend to snack after Thanksgiving celebrations last weeks on end! This stored fat plays a significant role in preventing water loss through their already dry arid environment by holding onto moisture for extended periods.

But wait; there’s more! Apart from being used medicinally by aboriginal communities traditionally, its cosmetic benefits have also been extolled – especially when applied directly on one’s face or used within beauty products such as creams lotions or other similar formulations targeting specific skincare concerns. Keep reading to find out how exactly it does wonders for our skin.

It Can Treat Acne (!!!!)

Yep- you read it right my fellow acne-prone peeps! Have tried everything else? Nothing seems working? Well, then try the magic of Emu oil. Not only does it possess hydrating properties that help prevents dead skin cells from accumulating in pores (a leading cause of acne), but also its antimicrobial properties battle natural oil build-up and impurities.

It Nourishes And Protects Cells

Emu oil is rich in essential fatty acids like oleic acid (nearly 46%) and linoleic acid (near about 20%), which are vital for our cell’s membrane stability and as a precursor to eicosanoids’ formation. Regular use would go a long way towards nourishing your cells with essential nutrients necessary for a healthy skin environment that manages physical stressors at bay – look Ma, no wrinkles!

Now onto some more technical aspects- Eicosanoids – commonly referred to as body hormones synthesized by cells similar to insulin or adrenaline – play an important role in maintaining cellular exertion balance by keeping inflammation under control while facilitating repair processes such as collagen production, facilitating proper eyesight function among many others its benficial effects.

Say Goodbye To Wrinkles With Its Anti-Aging Properties

Do you sometimes feel like getting rid of your smile lines? Does being addressed “ma’am” instead of “miss” sting every time? Fear not- applying emu oil consistently may be just what you need! Emus produce vitamin E naturally within their fatty tissues—lucky critters—so when we apply emu oil topically on our skins, it stimulates new collagen production and provides protection against harmful UV rays. This leads to younger-looking skin over time; very much needed after all those happy hours spent!!

Bye-Bye Dark Circles Under Eyes 😎

Puffy bags under your eyes making you look forever-tired even though deep down inside; you’re lively AF? Worry not because here’s where beautiful emus come into action again! The oil produced by these flightless friends contains properties that have been said to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Thanks to its unique compounds like palmitic, myristic, and linoleic acids.

It’s An Excellent Moisturizer

Emu Oil is an excellent moisturizer! Its high fatty acid content helps lock much-needed moisture in your skin cells while keeping harmful UV rays at bay. Unlike most lotions or potions available easily in stores today – where additives may sometimes dry our skin out further due to presence alcohol or other harsh chemicals used during production – emu oil provides a safer option for those who want long-lasting protection from environmental factors such as sun exposure that can lead to premature aging amongst others due largely in part because of emus being native residents accustomed to living life amidst Australia’s arid climate.

Furthermore- having super hydrating properties doesn’t just mean having it on for few hours but also all day add nourishment simultaneously; so why not give these feathered beauties a chance?

How To Incorporate Emu Oil Into Your Skincare Routine

Now you might be wondering how best to integrate this Australian miracle into your existing beauty routine? Well, here are some tips:

  • Apply it directly onto clean skin (preferably at night): Use gentle motions around any targeted areas prone with issues such as acne or wrinkle-prone using a good quality product ideally one containing 100% pure emu oil without any additional blending oils.
  • 🐦Spot-treat problematic areas: Try combining a small amount of locally sourced essential oils mixed well with unadulterated organic emu-base facilitating better delivery safe effective results.
    • This could include Tea Tree & Basil-based mixtures fighting off bacterial inflammation combating excess sebum production while concurrently delivering necessary vitamins.
    • Lavender facilitates relaxing soothing more even texture helping minimize signs stress tension;
  • Mix with your regular moisturizer: Combine a tiny bit of emu oil with your favorite cream or lotion for an added hydrating boost – perfect as we transition into winter months.
  • Incorporate it into DIY masks: Why not indulge in some fun face time playing around using organic ingredients to create homemade skincare such as clay, honey facials amongst countless other options. Mixed well together our feathered friend’s abundant reserves make them an excellent option for long-term skin care protection from inflammation caused by pollutants.

💡#### Pro-Tip: Always remember that every individual’s body reacts differently so while starting out- try testing small quantities first & slowly working up dosage till finding what works best!

Final Thoughts On Emu Oil And Skincare

In conclusion, one might say that emu oil has got us covered when it comes to treating various skin issues – acne/wrinkles puffiness under eyes et al. Its rich heritage beauty benefits go beyond the typical cosmetic products found across online marketing platforms today providing a relaxed nourishment safe environment necessary especially throughout lives modern-day stresses and environmental challenges too often present in any form.

So why hesitate? The next time life throws you curveballs, just take inspiration from these mystical creatures and enjoy nature’s wholesome goodness!

👋 Until next time – keep radiating positively; let those feathers fly high because everything will always be alright😊

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