What does eating garlic do for you?

Garlic is an essential ingredient in any kitchen. Whether you are a top-notch chef or a casual cook, garlic is versatile and adds flavor and depth to your dishes. Some people can’t handle the smell of garlic, but we’re here to tell you why eating garlic should be part of your daily routine.

## What makes Garlic so great?

Garlic is not only nutritious but delicious too! It contains compounds such as Allicin, which gives it its distinct aroma and taste. This compound also contributes significantly to various health benefits, including:

  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Fighting off infections

These impressive properties are why garlic has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes.

Goodbye Cold & Flu!

With flu season upon us (cue dramatic music), everyone wants to avoid getting sick – especially when working remotely. Luckily for all of us, consuming enough garlic can strengthen our immune systems by increasing white blood cell count! So put some extra cloves into tonight’s soup pot or roast them with veggies — it’ll ward off those pesky germs faster than you can say “achoo” x3.

Strengthen Your Heart!

Did you know that eating raw garlic can lower cholesterol levels? That’s right; research shows that just one gram of raw (not cooked)garlic per day could drop cholesterol levels by roughly 10%. Also important in US culture (and many others) during Valentine’s Day week celebrations… even if we don’t go out on dates! Eating more raw crushed [Allium sativum L] clove heart rate stimulated activation may increase the body’s range lowering peripheral resistance.
Interesting stuff right?

Curious about Blood Pressure?

Do high blood pressure issues run in the family? Maybe it runs through all three sides of your family like my cousin’s!!
Good news: Garlic can balance out blood pressure and reduce any risk of heart disease; this is due to the sulfur compounds found in garlic. These sulfuric agents relax the blood vessels located in our bodies! So if you’re feeling stressed or tad bit healthier today, go ahead and whip up a garlicky salad dressing that will help keep things [more] balanced!

Brain Stuff!

Garlic isn’t only good for physical health (which seems perfect given that we can’t move much anymore) it promotes mental wellness too! The antioxidants present within spicy bulbs have been proven to improve cognitive function(^[1],[2]) .
These miraculous cells are also known as phytochemicals – fancy right!? —they enter through many systems of the body including brain neurons harmonizing cellular communication between nerve cell upgrades synaptic transmissions.

Wrinkle-Free Magic? Not quite, but close enough.

You might not ever hear people admitting that they want wrinkles one day OR even be happy once wrinkle defined areas appear on their skin. So why not eat some garlic? It’s rich with antioxidants –that lower oxidative stress by curbing free radicals causing inflammation (this makes sense now…) Finally, cook out those irritants into oblivion with baked dishes – say goodbye to acne scars(^3)!!

Mitigate Hip Pain Woes

Osteoarthritis affecting millions every year worldwide causes significant hip pain & issues moving around normally (especially when using Commode?). Thankfully regular consumption (^4)of various forms like tablets, powder or oils infused with AlliumSativum lessens inflammation thus lowering arthritis-related pain levels considerably

Bye-Bye Stress!

This classic ingredient has long-term mood-enhancing benefits thanks to its chemical makeup. A recent study(5) suggests^^perceive substantial difference upon daily administration amino acid glutamine contained fresh chopped or cooked culinary creations within diets. Feeling like you had a terrible-awful-no-good-very-bad day? Add garlicky toppings to your favorite foods, and unwind & unplug from every negative feeling!

Blocked Nose Begone!

Tired of seasonal allergies? Garlic’s infamous pungent smell helps it function as an effective decongestant! It Irritates the mucous membranes in our airways thus thinning mucus, making it easier for us all to hack(!) ooops, we mean harmlessly clear out blocked noses(^^6).

Welcome Big Health Benefits with Simple Swallowing Solutions

If ACTUALLY eating garlic is difficult or AVOIDED due to fear of Bad Breath Syndrome… capsules are available too! Pre-packed pills have been researched(^7)and found equally helpful concerning traditional raw ground forms – without the hassle. In short: Eating garlic has never been more comfortable thanks to pill form.

What about How much Garlic?

How much should one consume daily? Unfortunately, several variables determine a suitable amount that depends on lifestyle choices and suitability (8).
Aim for at least two cloves per week in meals/snacks generally – Or if preferred: supplementation guidelines will offer informed advice when speaking with medical professionals regarding individual dosages.


Garlic is not just your average kitchen ingredient —it holds nutritional value coupled with extensive health benefits we can all benefit from (except maybe Vampires). From cardiological prospects (Eating minced fresh cloves lowers blood pressure levels)to maintaining shiny hair(infuses Azelaic acid aiding healthier strands),this superfood is exceptional!!
You won’t quickly run out of creative ways of adding this plant into your diet; whether roasted whole on a baking dish or stuffed between juicy burgers(& other savory/sweet dishes–give cake frosting combinations a try!), Just go ahead with courage & experiment.

View garlic as your smelly bae for its versatility in the kitchen & beyond. Start consuming more, and you’ll be reaping immense rewards…take that every other superfood!

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