What does depression feel like physically?

Depression is not just a state of mind. It’s not something you can simply shake off or snap out of, no matter how often well-meaning friends and family suggest that. While everyone experiences depression differently, one common experience is physical symptoms that come along with the mental distress.

The Heavy Load You Carry

If there were ever a feeling to sum up depression in its entirety then I’d say it must be that everything physically feels like an enormous weight you have to carry around all day long every day without relief. Depressed individuals are bogged down by their own thoughts, overwhelmed by negative emotions which often feel too hard for them to put into words.

Feeling Tired All the Time

Fatigue unlike any other debilitating energy zap seeps in your bones bringing lethargy and exhaustion you haven’t felt before. (Doctors refer this as ‘psychomotor retardation’) An essential part would be find ways through exercise so at least do some light walking outside everyday).

Uncontrollable Crying Outbursts

Is someone chopping onions or did Mary Poppins start floating away? The overwhelming sadness finds many insidious ways of sneaking upon you unnoticed until it rises its head intimidatingly above shoulders causing sobbing attacks completely out of context in contemporary situations.

Fighting Headaches and Stomach Aches

Alongside carrying around an immense burden while sleeplessly wandering through each hour your muscles also petrify creating tensions throughout body adopting new anxiety based movements with the time goes on resulting in nausea headaches neck pain abdominal uncertainties etcetera.

Digestive Issues

Your digestive tract may become agitated due to unrelenting anxiety leading towards indigestion making impossible eating normal portions once again. Essentially shooing people away from enjoying creamy desserts althought chocolate always seemed provide solace preciselywhen needed….

Painful Headaches

Depression often leads to an unfortunate somatic manifestation, hence the recurrent penetrating headaches that leave you feeling like there’s a steel-wire tie around your face not far from being continuously tightened. Yikes!

Muscle Pains and Aches

Muscle pains can arise because of physical inactivity for tremendous amount of time due to fatigue caused by depression. It feels as if someone’s given you hardest workout gym session ever without giving notice.

Insomnia & Over-Sleeping

Let’s get one thing straight here: sleep absolutely sucks when experiencing depression at its fullest, with bouts of insomnia or possibly hypersomnia leaving many deprived humans sawing logs through their morning alarms.

Struggling With Insomnia

Usually it all starts late into wee hours – this is where ravenous thoughts come out to play nudging away any chance we might have had for shut-eye between hoards of soul-devouring sheep created out of our own predicament.

Racing Thoughts

You attempt endlessly sorting through and piecing together puzzles until dawn comes calling again while waiting nervously how cycle will repeat itself worrying about which torment awaits.

Physical Exhaustion Despite Sleepiness

On some other nights, no matter how tired you are or sleepy pills consume feeling overwhelmed and stressed makes it near enough impossible try finding comfortable position on bed basically ensuring sleep deprivation early next day.


Though oversleepers may appear to be relaxing for long periods much needed but in reality they are losing major productive hours causing more dilemmas further extending sense helplessness inability keep up mundane activities unlike days before embarking depressive sprial.


Depression affects people both mentally AND physically; anybody going through depression experiences different symptoms both positive (to an extent) and negative ones too sometimes even simultaneously leading us feel utterly frustrated confused whole swarm emotions clashing inside perplexed mind at once. However hopefully after reading this individuals may feel little more seen when trying to explain or describe what their own individual depression feels like. At last most important point would be acknowledging that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, numerous people join battle against power over these issues everyday and come through it with flying colors! So why can’t you?

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