What does an epipen do?

If you’re allergic to bees, peanuts, or any other delightfully tempting treats that nature has gifted us with, chances are you’ve had a close encounter with the majestic Epipen. But let’s be real – what even is this magical device and why do we need one? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the humble origins of the Epipen and its heroic journey into saving people from life-threatening situations.

The Birth of the Epipen

In 1973, Dr. Sheldon Kaplan developed the first auto-injector which was used to deliver medication for cardiac asthma patients. Five years later he partnered with Survival Technology (now known as Pfizer) to create what is now known as ‘the grandfather’ of all epinephrine injections- the infamous adrenaline shot designed as a matter of military necessity in order to help soldiers who encountered poisonous wildlife. From there it took off!

What Even is an Epipen?

An Epinephrine_autoinjector, commonly known by its brand name “Epipen”, contains synthetic adrenaline specifically designed for self-injection in case someone has an allergic reaction. It can save your life if you ever find yourself face-to-face with something dangerous! Think King Kong or Tiger King without Joe Exotic!

How does it Work?

When someone comes across something their immune system dislikes (allergens), like pollen or peanut butter cookies they don’t know are secretly filled with walnuts; their body reacts by releasing chemicals that cause symptoms such as hives, difficulty breathing & low blood pressure(known medically asthe “dreaded Anaphylaxis attack”!!). In some cases where allergy symptoms are not treated quickly enough there could be complications leading to death !

This emergency injector administers a dose of epinephrine–a naturally occurring chemical hormone produced in our bodies, known to help reduce swelling around the airways and affect muscles in your lungs. Essentially this injection wakes up our body’s defense mechanism and does all it can to calm the allergic storm inside us.

The Epipen, with its spring-loaded needle, is designed for use during an emergency when you have limited time or where medical care may not be readily available.

When Should You Use an Epipen?

When encountering sign of Anaphylaxis, such as:

  • Hives
  • Wheezing
  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain,
  • low blood pressure

It’s no joke that these symptoms can take over one’s right mind like a kamikaze pilot in flight!

If you’re experiencing any serious symptoms, immediately call 911 then follow the instructions on how-to-administer written either on specific side flaps or instructional CD-Included In Kits. Always pay attention!! If EpiPen administers epinephrine early enough after exposure(10-15mins), this usually greatly improves patient prognosis by calming down allergic reactions before they become deadly! (make sure never to ignore warning signs)

Correct Usage

Now listen carefully eggs Benedict without ham; if you are afraid, expect your hands pooping sweats and legs shaking like Shakira’s hips — but fear not because you got this! This goes out especially for parents panicked about their child undergoing Anaphylactic shock – Don’t Panic!! What feels doable at first will become second nature after practicing usage (Psst…go get yourself some rubber balls or oranges as practice….just don’t waste food!).

To properly self-inject ensure that:

  1. You go through instructions for use prior-hand so getting used to it becomes easy-seasy lemon-squeezy!
  2. Make sure medication always remains at a temperature between 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.(20 to 25 °C)
  3. Medication must be clear- make sure you don’t use it if its cloudy!!
  4. Keep epipen away from bright light!!

It’s im-port-ant to note that this medicine isn’t a toy, so listen up boys and gals!. It should only be used in case of an emergency, when help is not immediately available.

Usage Procedure

In short(because we stan small Caps) :

1.Take off Blue Safety Cap
2.Place Yellow Tip against Mid-Thigh (The upper right or left thigh).Give-it-to-that sausage looking thigh with full gusto!
3.Push down until needle releases medication.
4.Remove Epipen at once

And there you go, like Justin Bieber says “Baby Baby Oohh” – You have injected life-saving medicine into your bloodstream! Now quickly inhale deeply ’til the cavalry arrives!

Storage Considerations

This lifesaving drug comes with some pretty strict storage requirements:

Temperature: Manufacturers recommend keeping the kit between 59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t put it in a fridge as condensation could compromise its effectiveness.

Light Conditions: Like every shy celebrity, consider shelving this drug far away from sunlight & artificial lighting sources too!(research shows that epinephrine degrades much quicker under direct exposure)

Re-check expiration dates before usage mainly because drugs tend weaken over time even more than normal skincare products(don’t ignore their shelf life either!)

Always escape extreme weather conditions by throwing them inside your bag back onboard flight cabins; deep freezers are also not recommended – forget all those millennial frozen food hacks on social media!

Should everyone carry an Epipen?

Look! Unless you spend most of your day living out Allergies: The Musical!!, odds are maybe knowing how-to-administer is enough Whether through personal need or for the sake of safe-keeping around those you love, investing in EpiPen is im-port-ant to keep your plan on lock(kinda like a sword carrying version for fruit-ninjas). So ask your doctor if it’s suitable for you!

The Bottom Line

Epipens are essential in helping stop Anaphylaxis attacks when they occur.(Kinda sounds like Batman’s Batmobile right?) If you or someone around needs one, don’t hesitate – this device could potentially save anyone from fatal reactions. Always remember: Learn how-to-use-them and ensure their safety at all times; avoid expiring medication because It will no longer work properly to calm down Anaphylactic symptoms. One day maybe we’ll get over our allergies entirely but until that day comes(the dream) “A’lita Battle Angel” with what we’ve got!!

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